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Unicon Announces Strategic Planning / Readiness Assessment Services for Learning Analytics

Consulting Services to Determine Institutional Vision, Goals, and Readiness

Gilbert, AZ – October 24, 2017—Unicon, Inc., a leading provider of technology consulting, services, and support for the education industry, today announced strategic planning / readiness assessment services for learning analytics. Although learning analytics is a trending topic in the education space, many institutions struggle to get started. Unicon works with institutions to better understand exactly what learning analytics is, how to define and implement a learning analytics strategy, and how to use learning analytics to affect change on campus. Through these services, institutions leverage the experience of an expert consulting resource to determine direction, define goals, facilitate cross-campus collaboration, and navigate obstacles, in order to embark on the learning analytics journey with confidence.

"These services are designed to prepare institutions to launch a successful learning analytics initiative," said John C. Blakley, CEO, Unicon. "Our consultants have experience working with a wide variety of institution types, guiding clients to make informed decisions based on their unique goals and circumstances."

Strategic planning begins with consulting sessions to review the client's tech portfolio, identify the client team, and determine the vision/goals of the project. The Readiness Assessment is a collaborative effort designed to be conducted onsite with a variety of key stakeholders across the institution. Overall assessment of institutional readiness for learning analytics is based on six criteria: Data Management/Security, Culture, Investment/Resources, Policies, Technical Infrastructure, and Institutional Research (IR) Involvement. Institutions receive a custom, comprehensive report detailing organizational and technical trends impacting readiness, enabling them to move forward with a tailored roadmap for next steps.

Visit Unicon's Analytics page to learn more, or stop by the Unicon booth (#1530) during the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, October 31 – November 3, Philadelphia PA.