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Uncertain Times: Unicon Expands Focus to Support Education Leadership

Institutions will be differentiated by the student online experience in a virtual learning environment.

Gilbert, AZ – September 17, 2020— Unicon, Inc., a leading technology consulting firm, today announced an expanded focus supporting the education ecosystem in K-12, Higher Education, and Workforce. Unicon evaluates, creates, implements, and supports learner-centric digital experiences that transform online teaching and learning. Unicon plays a trusted advisor role to senior leadership challenged with supporting an optimized infrastructure for teaching and learning. This ensures that enrollment, retention, persistence, and completion benchmarks are met, not missed, through the use of technology.

Unicon focuses on optimizing content for digital interaction, improving the learning environment, implementing security and privacy needs, and creating data and analytics management tools to evaluate and inform future decision making. These services provide clients with evaluation tools, recommendations, and implementation roadmaps to support each stage of the Learner Journey, the technology touch points across the learner experience. The journey includes Identity, Learning, Connection, Assessment, Support, and Mastery.

“There’s a new perspective on effective teaching and learning online. The use of technology must support and improve engagement in order for learning to occur.” - John Blakley, CEO, Unicon, Inc.

Unicon has been supporting the learning community for over 27 years and has been the technology backbone for many organizations leveraging Unicon's technical and domain expertise as well as its client-centered approach to solutions delivery. Unicon partners include public and private schools, over 400 colleges and universities, and education technology companies.

Now more than ever, Unicon's expanded services are well-positioned to provide both short term and long term support for technical solutions and rich online learning experiences in response to the current pandemic. Creating effective technology interactions take on new meaning as institutions and leadership prepare amid pandemic circumstances. Engagement and limiting barriers to engagement will be the differentiator among school systems, institutions, and organizations.