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On the Road to LTI Advantage: Bringing Assignment and Grade Services to Moodle

The recently published IMS App Note illustrates the collaborative development between IMS Global, Cengage, MoodleTM HQ, and Unicon to bring a new LTI specification into the MoodleTM core platform.

Initially, Moodle lacked a proper integration for Cengage's digital learning solution, MindTap. Rather than building a custom plugin, Cengage worked with Unicon and Moodle HQ to bring new LTI specifications into core Moodle. 

The IMS LTI Assignment and Grade Services specification has made it possible to build a fully standards-compliant solution that addresses the needs of more complex tools like MindTap. We encourage you to read the IMS App Note for a detailed description of this collaborative effort.

IMS App Note