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Okta and Unicon Work Together to Enhance Success and Security for Campus Communities

Okta Premier Provider badgeMarch 19, 2020 - We are hearing from our clients that Higher Education institutions are faced with more challenges than ever as an increasing number of students, faculty, and staff move to working remote. Our IAM team knows that this adds a new element to the mix when it comes to the management of identities. Recognizing these challenges, Unicon and Okta have partnered together to create a hosted solution that provides flexibility and takes the burden off of campus IT staff. Unicon developed the Federation Gateway and combined it with the Okta identity cloud to provide campus communities with secure, seamless access to the resources they need through trusted identity federations. Once Okta and the Federation Gateway have been configured for your campus by Unicon and Okta, Unicon’s managed services can monitor and ensure the security of your users, while the Federation Gateway provides streamlined access to the tools and applications that your campus needs.

“Due to the constantly changing needs of the Higher Education community, Unicon now more then ever values our relationship with Okta, their commitment to supporting secure access to campus resources, and what we can bring to students, staff, and faculty together.” Charise Arrowood, Senior Director, Identity and Access Management, Unicon.   

Learn more by reading Okta’s blog: Okta + Unicon: Enhancing Success and Security for Campus Communities