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InCommon BaseCAMP 2024

When: June 3-7, 2024
Where: Virtual


InCommon BaseCamp 2024InCommon BaseCAMP is a unique, five-day, virtual workshop ideal for those new to identity and access management (IAM), new to InCommon, or both.

BaseCAMP is a pathway forward in IAM, delivering an insightful entryway into InCommon and the fundamentals of identity and access management. This unique, five-day, virtual event is designed for those new to identity and access management (IAM), new to InCommon, or ready to boost their knowledge in this field. Whether you’re getting started with IAM, leveling up your skillset, or connecting with fellow professionals, BaseCAMP is a pathway to elevate your IAM understanding and capabilities.

Unicon will be attending to engage in conversation to share our insights and make connections with IAM professionals of all levels, and build connections with members of the extensive IAM community. 

Join us for the following sessions:

IAM Crystal Ball

When: 1:10 p.m.-1:55 p.m. ET

Intrigued by the future of identity management? Peer into the crystal ball and gain insight into the trends, technologies, and challenges that will shape the next chapter of IAM. This panel will use their divination skills, translating complex concepts and terms like self-sovereign identities, digital wallets, and verifiable credentials in plain language and prompt you to think ahead as you design your IAM roadmap with the future in mind.

Dedra Chamberlin – Cirrus
Mark Rank – Cirrus
Jim Beard – Unicon
Simona Simkova – Evolveum
Drew Capener – OmniBond
Kellen Murphy – University of Virginia
Keith Wessel – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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