Connecting with course materials and engaging in the learning ecosystem are two critical early indicators of student success. However, many higher education institutions struggle to compile and analyze the data necessary to flag students early enough for effective intervention. This hurdle can be especially challenging for colleges and universities using Canvas Live Data, which necessitates building custom applications and workflows to make the data readily available.

To combat this inefficiency, Unicon, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, developed the AWS Canvas Connector: an open-source solution that adds Canvas Live Events data to an Amazon S3 data lake, helping to support institutions’ analytical needs. The connector is relatively easy to implement without engaging engineering resources.

The AWS Canvas Connector is:

  • Easy to install
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Provides relevant, user-friendly supporting data
  • Reliably provides data in a timely manner

The connector leverages AWS AppFlow for integration of Canvas API data, and provides customers with a data product that demonstrates the usage of the integrated data sets. The Canvas Live Events data can be stored in an existing data infrastructure, and is a great way to introduce more data elements that will give you a more complete view of Canvas events. Or, if you’re at “step 1” of your data strategy, the Canvas Connector is a great place to begin a foundation of valuable and actionable data.

If you are a small school using Canvas LMS with limited technical resources and budget, the free, open-source AWS Canvas Connector is a practical starting point for consideration in your ongoing or initial data strategy.

Get the open-source AWS Canvas Connector on Github

Get the AWS Canvas Connector datasheet.

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See the video below for how Cal Poly Uses the AWS Canvas Connector.

Using the Canvas Connector for Student Intervention

Accelerate Learning Analytics

Canvas Live Events data brings a more granular analysis of student engagement across and within courses offered by institutions. Colleges and universities can use this data to improve teaching methods, understand student activity and behavior, and analyze Canvas utilization across departments.

Develop Early Alert
Warning Systems

The events data supports student success and retention through data-driven intervention alerts, flagging students in need of an advisor follow-up. Advanced pattern recognition allows counselors to intervene more quickly and effectively.

AWS Canvas Connector Technical Support Program:
Conceptually grounded in Unicon’s long-standing Open Source Support (OSS) program, the AWS Canvas Connector Technical Support program is a 6-month subscription that provides access to a skilled support team, prepared to give confidential and timely support assistance to answer questions, aid in problem resolution, and provide advice on installment and configuration for the AWS Canvas Connector.

  • Receive assistance for the initial setup of the Canvas Connector
  • Expand the abilities of the connector so you can capture more data from Canvas live events
  • Combine your Canvas Connector S3 data lake with data from all your other sources
  • Visualize the data in an intuitive format so it is easily understood at a glance

If you will be implementing the AWS Canvas Connector and are interested in support, click below to contact a Unicon Business Development representative about service options.

The AWS Canvas Connector Schematic:

AWS Canvas Connector SchematicGet the open-source AWS Canvas Connector on Github


Need help with the AWS Canvas Connector? - Contact Us Now