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Q3 2017 EQUELLA Open Source Support Briefing

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The Unicon EQUELLA team completed the very first Open Source Support (OSS) Periodic Briefing on October 26, 2017. This briefing included an overview of the Apereo Foundation and open source software, a status of the open sourcing initiative of EQUELLA, and how to get involved in the EQUELLA community. The technical presentation focused on a demonstration of enhancements that are a part of EQUELLA 6.5. The briefing wrapped up with an overview of the Unicon OSS program and how Unicon provides ongoing development for EQUELLA through sustaining engineering on behalf of OSS subscribers.

Summary highlights include:

  • Update on the transition of EQUELLA to open source 
  • EQUELLA 6.5 Demo
  • Unicon's Open Source Support Strategy 

For details on this briefing, please see the slide deck located in Slideshare along with a recording that can be found on Unicon's YouTube channel.


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