Cloud Analytics Support National Course Outcomes

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For over two years Unicon has been a core partner in the development of Jisc’s Learning Analytics Service for the UK Higher Education and Further Education sectors. During the R&D Learning Analytics Project, Unicon provided infrastructure and a blend of on-site and remote consulting support for the development of an open source predictive data model. Unicon also deployed an open source case management tool (Student Success Plan - SSP) to enable visualization of ‘at risk’ indicators from the predictive data model.

Power Teaching and Learning

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Digital content and resources span a wide range of asset types in higher education and support many campus stakeholders, including students, faculty, researchers, instructional designers, and library staff. Use cases for digital repositories in higher education include workflow that supports content creation/revision, indexing and searching, along with delivery of content for on-premise and online courses.

Achieve Reliability while Reducing Cost

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De La Salle University is an internationally recognized Catholic university in the Philippines, established by the Brothers of the Christian Schools in 1911. The university delivers on its mission by providing secure, reliable, and economical learning technology tools to 36 academic departments, 11 research centers, and an enrollment of approximately 18,000 undergraduate and graduate students. De La Salle relies on the open source Sakai learning management system (LMS) to engage with students and deliver course content/assessments.

Securing AWS Lambda REST Endpoints

March, 2018 - In our previous blog we introduced using AWS Lambda functions for simple REST services. Today, we are going to show how to secure access to your REST endpoints, using Lambda and API Gateway. Securing your services is critical before you allow your REST endpoints to be available on the public Internet. Unsecured endpoints can cause significant problems, including uncontrolled costs, incorrect data, and exposing private data. This post will show one approach to securing your Lambda REST services.

Unicon Achieves Amazon Web Services (AWS) Education Competency

Unicon, Inc. announced that it has been awarded the AWS Education Competency. This achievement differentiates Unicon as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member that has demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success providing specialized solutions aligning with AWS architectural best practices to help support teaching and learning, administration, and academic research efforts in education.

Unicon Announces Jump Start for AWS Service

Unicon, Inc. announced the availability of Jump Start for AWS, a new cloud consulting service for institutions and organizations. Jump Start for AWS eases the complexity of migrating an initial workload or application to the AWS Cloud by providing a guided path for clients to start their cloud journey. Relying on a trusted expert for support, clients acquire the experience needed for future cloud expansion.

Getting Started with AWS Lambda and Java

June, 2017 - AWS Lambda is a paradigm shift for constructing our web applications. Lambda enables us to run code without having to run and maintain a server. Unfortunately, paradigm shifts are always difficult to adapt to. Going through real examples helps tremendously with learning Lambda. This short blog will bring up a Hello World Lambda. We will also show a small bit of configuration in API Gateway.

AWS ECS Auto Scaling (Part 1)

June, 2017 - A common task I run into with clients is setting up the scaling policies for an ECS Cluster. Users typically understand the concept of auto-scaling in AWS, but when it comes to an ECS cluster there are two things to consider when scaling.

Confidence in Cloud Providers

February, 2017 - In just a few years, we have seen acceptance of public cloud shift fairly dramatically from concern and skepticism to eagerly embracing the opportunities afforded. Five years ago, many of our hosted clients wanted to know that Unicon (and indirectly, they) had physical control of the data, servers, and other infrastructure.