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Reinforcement Learning in the Classroom

With the chatbot in the classroom, we have the opportunity to enhance the way the classroom works. There are many examples in academic settings and commercial offerings of providing technology-driven guidance or "personalized learning." If we can offload some of the personalization workload from teachers, they can devote even more time to understanding overall class progress and providing highly specialized interventions and individualized instruction.

AWS Lex Chatbot in the Classroom

Having a digital assistant in the classroom has the potential to provide significant value for both the teacher and the student. For example, rather than the teacher having to repeat answers continually, or identify resources for students individually, a digital assistant can fill this role quite effectively. The potential to provide significant value assumes that the system's developer understands the types of problems that automation can solve, and that the school has the resources to invest in its implementation. If some small timesavers can be identified, schools with technical resources can leverage a chatbot in their classrooms.

How Do Your Favorite Books Compare in a VR World?

January, 2019 If you could search your own library of books digitally, how would you do it? Would you do a simple text search for certain keywords or phrases? Simple text searches can be powerful but typically only answer the question "where are these terms mentioned in my books?"

Learning Content

Rich Content for Innovative Digital Learning Experiences

We collaborate with online education providers to develop interactive and engaging course content. You can rely on our extensive experience in developing primary content and supplemental resources including animations, simulations, job aids, technical lab assignments, and instructor guides. Our expertise ranges from highly specialized areas such as computer networking and nursing to broader areas such as marketing training for businesses.

Power Teaching and Learning

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Digital content and resources span a wide range of asset types in higher education and support many campus stakeholders, including students, faculty, researchers, instructional designers, and library staff. Use cases for digital repositories in higher education include workflow that supports content creation/revision, indexing and searching, along with delivery of content for on-premise and online courses.

Snackable Learning Nuggets

March, 2018 - Microlearning is a hot buzzword these days; however, the concept has been around for quite a while. I first came across it in the early 2000s while developing content for a technical certification program. We called it something different at that time, but the concepts remain the same. Since then, the term used to describe a small modular piece of learning content is dependent on what is trendy at the time. My personal favorite came out of a recent discussion with a client about their vision of "bite-sized, snackable" content. After going back and forth some we came up with the term, "snackable learning nuggets."