Teaching and Learning from a Distance

September, 2020 In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Unicon have reached out to our network of instructors, students, parents, and learning institutions to better understand the changing landscape of education.

What Open Education Standard Do I Use When?

September, 2020 Prior to 2020, Educational tool interoperability might have been a nice-to-have; however, with most schools having a large portion of their curriculum online for Fall 2020, it is now critical.

How Can Instructional Designers Support Faculty?

September, 2020 There are many steps instructional designers can take when working with faculty to move a traditional course online. One of the first is to help faculty members identify the objectives of the course.

Grouper Evaluation: Automate & Secure Learner Access

August, 2020 A Grouper Implementation Assessment can provide an IT organization with an outline of what is already in place, what business rules and processes drive the current status, and what changes are desired.

LTI Spotlight Series

June, 2020 We are starting a new series called “LTI Spotlight,” where we find and showcase different examples of what people are doing with LTI.

The Parent Trap - June 2020

June, 2020 During the crisis, part of Unicon’s “Take care of each other” philosophy has been extended to caring for employees and members of our extended network in this role. In order to better understand their experiences, we recently surveyed them over a week-long period. The survey generated some interesting results that we will share in the rest of this article.