Getting Ready for Back to School

Back to School is almost here, and we all know what a challenging time of year this can be. The load on your systems suddenly skyrockets as new and returning students start to enroll and get ready for fall classes. There is a heightened sense of urgency...


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Facilitating Individualized Assessments for Learning Analytics Readiness

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Oftentimes, the implementation of a new technology is cookie-cutter. Someone writes a general blanket process and wants everyone that’s implementing it to follow the directions to a T. But just as often, the organizations that are adopting the technology are drastically different. How could they possibly all follow the same implementation plan with success?

Keep Up with IAM Best Practices

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Columbia University

Extending WebSSO to the Cloud

Institutions need the convenience and security of accessing data and collaborating in the cloud. Google Apps for Education is gaining tremendous popularity among higher education institutions as an answer to this need. Columbia University decided on Google Apps, and needed to extend their local proprietary Web single sign-on (WebSSO) system (called WIND) to the cloud.

WebSSO and Federated Identity for the Campus

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Security and access control are top priorities for today’s CIOs. CIOs need to provide a secure environment for their constituents to collaborate, perform research, and have access to important campus resources and services. A secure cyber infrastructure protects both its users and sensitive information, while allowing users access to resources for collaboration. At the Juilliard School, many different applications needed the convenience of Web single sign-on and federated identity to provide the security and access control the institution required.