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Unicon’s Open Source Support program provides commercial support for CASGrouper, midPointopenEQUELLAShibboleth, SimpleSAMLphpStudent Success Plan (SSP), and uPortal. Get the backing of technical expertise and professional service all at an affordable price.

Gain all of the advantages of open source software designed specifically for institutions and organizations plus top-quality, professional support from a commercial vendor. Take advantage of a flexible, customizable open source support service with direct access to a dedicated team of developers, consultants, and system administrators, each possessing experience in the community project.

From first contact, subscribers are connected directly with an expert. There are no support tiers to navigate to get to the person who can truly solve problems. The program provides experienced responses from seasoned professionals—no scripts, no amateurs, and no language barriers.  Unicon's Open Source Support program assures the reliability of institutions’ and organizations' environments.




Program Features

There are many advantages to Unicon's Open Source Support program. They include:

  • Direct access to expert technical staff
  • Multiple service levels and support options to meet varying needs
  • Up to 24 x 7 support availability via Web or phone
  • Minor, Major, and Critical severity prioritization of support issues
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Support for multiple releases of the software
  • Support assistance with general questions, configuration/ usage, and basic troubleshooting; only limited by the number of named support contacts and the coverage option
  • Consulting assistance available for bug fixes, new features, patches / upgrades, and hands-on assistance

Ongoing Maintenance for Past, Present, and Future Releases

The Open Source Support program provides a flexible timeline for software upgrades. Subscribers are not forced to immediately upgrade to a new release. When the institution or organization is ready to upgrade, Unicon can help. More than a simple provider of support, Unicon participates as an active community member. As an active participant, Unicon is continually abreast of upcoming releases and can provide informed advice on moving to a new release based on the unique needs of the subscriber.

Commitment to Service

Unicon is committed to providing world-class service and support to its customers. Staffed with highly skilled engineers and supported by a strong infrastructure, the Open Source Support team is ready to resolve subscribers' questions and problems quickly and professionally. In addition, the Open Source Support team is committed to continually improving the overall quality and reliability of the project for the benefit of subscribers and the entire community.

Program Service Levels

Institutions and organizations can choose between three different service levels offered through the Open Source Support program. Service levels include Developer, Standard, and Enterprise. Within each level, subscribers can choose from Silver, Gold, and Platinum support options, allowing subscribers to match their needs to the option most appropriate.

Choose from Developer, Standard, and Enterprise SLAs, to secure the appropriate amount of support coverage.


Designed to address the needs of institutions and organizations that are still in the process of evaluating, testing, or developing. These institutions and organizations may desire a qualified support partner to assist in the usual challenges involved in the first year of working with the software. This entry level package is for pre-production use of the project (not available for production environments or with Platinum Support).


Suited for sites that require a full-service support offering to safeguard important implementations. Designed for small to medium-sized deployments, the Standard subscription delivers an attractive low-cost support alternate for budget-conscious institutions and organizations.


Meets the needs of the most demanding implementations. Institutions and organizations with larger deployments that require the highest level of response time to protect their mission-critical environment should select this package. With exclusive benefits like 24x 7 availability, the Enterprise subscription offers exceptional levels of support.

Support Hours

Support hours do not include the major U.S. holidays listed below, except for critical and major severity cases from Enterprise subscribers.

  • New Years Observed
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Presidents' Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Thanksgiving Holiday
  • Christmas Day Observed

Options for Service Levels

Service levels include Developer, Standard, and Enterprise. Within each level, subscribers can choose from Silver, Gold, and Platinum support options, allowing subscribers to match their needs to the option most appropriate. Once a service level is selected, subscribers may decide on a support option.


Confidential, timely, and expert support assistance to answer questions, assist in problem resolution, and provide advice on installation and configuration.


All the features of Silver, plus up to 20 hours per year of consulting assistance that can be used for tasks such as deployment, configuration, troubleshooting, architecture reviews, performance tuning, configuration review, migration planning, bug fixes, etc. The Gold option also includes a dedicated Technical Account Manager.


Enterprise and Standard support customers may elect a Platinum option to get all the features of Gold, plus customized support. Contact Unicon to discuss how we can tailor a support plan to meet specific and unique needs.

Previous Briefings

Unicon Open Source Support Briefings inform the public and community members of the development activities and contributions Unicon has made on behalf of its clients and its Open Source Support program subscribers. These contributions follow the needs and interests of the clients, relying on Unicon’s expertise in building reliable, exciting new features and enhancements that add value to the projects. These new features can supplement or improve the core project, allowing users to take advantage of the enhancements.

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