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Student Success

Improve Student Success with Open Source Software

Student success is a critical focus in education today. Technology and expertise are needed to increase student success and retention at institutions. Unicon offers its expertise in learning analytics and student success technology, helping institutions aid students in meeting their goals. A comprehensive student success strategy includes technologies that inform educators and engage students. This strategy includes learning analytics and case management software, to identify at-risk students and implement technology that puts them on the right track.

Learning Analytics

Learning analytics data can influence how educators guide students to success. It is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of data about students and their contexts, for purposes of understanding and optimizing learning and the environments in which it occurs. Support systems and proactive intervention techniques can be implemented based on the results of the collected data. In this way, data from learning analytics is used to drive student success.


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Student Success Plan (SSP) – Case Management Software

Students may face obstacles in their academic and personal lives which prevent them from meeting their goals. SSP helps students remove these obstacles and create a clear academic pathway, positively impacting student success. The open source SSP case management software supports a holistic coaching and counseling model which expedites proactive interventions for students in need. The SSP technology enables counselors to effectively manage their caseloads. It features tools advantageous to counselors that include a Journal for comprehensive note taking and My Academic Plan (MAP) for education planning. SSP guides students through a successful college experience, with case management software and tools specifically designed with counselors in mind. 

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