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    Hosted Federated Single Sign-On

    Safely Connect to Applications in the Cloud

Identity and Access Management in the Cloud

Hosted Shibboleth 3.x Identity Provider Solution for Ease of Secure Collaboration across the Enterprise

Enterprises need secure avenues of collaboration for research and other endeavors. Federated web single sign-on via Shibboleth provides this security, allowing institutions and organizations to safely connect to applications through a seamless login experience.

Federated Single Sign-On in the Cloud

Unicon has developed a hosted Shibboleth identity provider (IdP) environment using the latest version of Shibboleth with a robust feature set. The Unicon identity and access management (IAM) team has architected a redundant, load-balanced cloud based infrastructure for federated single sign-on in the cloud using a defined streamlined implementation process. The IAM team will customize and configure the Shibboleth IdP to the institution or organization’s specifications, ensuring a rapidly deployed solution to meet the unique needs of clients. The solution is supported by a knowledgeable, responsive team of IT experts.

An Effective, Secure Cloud Solution

Cloud solutions are flexible, secure, and cost-effective ways of providing enterprises reliable access to the applications they depend on daily. The Shibboleth IdP in the cloud solution secures these applications through open source federated single sign-on technology. The cloud infrastructure is highly available, fault-tolerant, and can auto-scale to meet unexpected demands. The Shibboleth IdP is hosted within the most secure region of the cloud. Unicon’s experienced team of technology professionals delivers engineering and operational support, including maintenance of the cloud infrastructure and upgrades of the Shibboleth IdP, resulting in peace of mind for the client.

Services for a Hosted Shibboleth 3.x IdP

The hosted Shibboleth IdP in the cloud solution provides a standard and repeatable process for Shibboleth managed services in a cloud environment, with a straight forward all-inclusive pricing model.

Base Unicon Services:

  • Requirement Identification
  • Set-up and Configuration
  • Performance Testing
  • Technical Support
  • Upgrades

Additional Services:

  • Customization
  • Increased Technical Support Option

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