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Identity and Access Management in the Cloud for CCC

Connecting California Community Colleges’ Shibboleth IdPs to SPs

Unicon’s services for Identity and Access Management (IAM) in the Cloud provides secure authentication and access to services through a hosted Shibboleth 3.x Identity Provider (IdP). The Shibboleth IdP provides federated web single sign-on (SSO); extends reach into other CCC’s and new services through authentication of users; and securely provides appropriate data to requesting Service Providers (SPs).

CCC SPs May Include:

  • OpenCCCApply Administrator (managing college specific tables such as terms and majors, supplemental questions, download formats, and rules)
  • OpenCCCApply Report Center (reports on applications to college)
  • Common Core Management System (CCMS): CanvasTM
  • Student Services Portal
  • CCCAssess (placement testing)
  • CCC’s student success and retention software: HobsonsTM and StarfishTM
  • Future service providers, both for CCC central services and college specific services

Solution Offering Includes:

  • Shibboleth IdP
    • Deployment and configuration
    • Redundant/ fault tolerant setup
    • Fully managed and updated federated identity and SSO solution
    • Branded access screen
  • Integration with approved SPs (up to five a year)
  • Technical support
  • Additional professional services, including customization, are provided as a separate engagement

Exclusive Pricing for CCC
Unicon is offering colleges in the CCC system a 40% discount off the standard pricing for Unicon’s IAM in the Cloud solution.

View the datasheet for more information.

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