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Software Engineering

Unicon provides software engineering services to help clients bring new products, services, and ideas to the market faster and more efficiently. When IT departments have talent, time, or budget challenges to sustaining in-house software engineering, they look to Unicon. Unicon's software engineering teams have produced systems that run with millions of users on high-traffic applications.

Combining open source platforms with custom development, Unicon builds solutions to meet business challenges. Unicon brings an unmatched skillset to address project requirements. Unicon harnesses the skills and experience of open source professionals, including Project Managers; Business Analysts; Software Architects; User Experience Designers; Software Developers (Java, PHP, Python, Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3); Quality Assurance Engineers; Systems Administrators; Database Administrators; and security experts. These competencies provide the guidance necessary to meet the unique needs of institutions and organizations.

The Unicon team has deep experience and expertise in software engineering. Unicon has strong Agile Scrum project experience, and most Project Managers are Certified Scrum Masters. Unicon scales project teams to meet client needs, and can run multiple parallel Agile teams ranging from 5 to 9 people each. Unicon has been able to deliver greater value to the client in a faster time frame with the Scrum process and using various Agile engineering practices, producing highly successful and on-schedule solutions.

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