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Performance and Scalability

For over 20 years Unicon has provided performance and scalability services to assist clients in the delivery of reliable and high-performance applications. Unicon responds to changing and emergent client needs, such as an unexpected upturn in traffic or a discovered need for increased response times.

Unicon’s Performance Testing services ensure clients the scalability and performance they require for applications critical to their success. The performance testing process Unicon has developed ensures that test development, execution, and analysis align with the immediate and future needs of the business. The process incorporates test strategy development, workload characterization, test execution, and corrective actions.

Clients engage Unicon to improve the performance and scalability of their applications, increasing reliability. One example is an innovative education technology company strived to deliver on a large, statewide contract they'd won to support struggling students. The company's new platform was experiencing usage that was many times higher than what their software architecture had been designed to handle. Unicon was engaged to rapidly improve performance and scalability for them. The Unicon team made significant improvements and stabilized the situation. Over the next few months, Unicon evolved the platform so that it could easily service all the traffic expected, as students prepared for standardized testing.

Case Study - Improving Performance and Scalability for Enterprise Applications

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