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What's new in Sakai 10?

Sakai 10 (previously known as Sakai 2.10) will be released to the community in late Spring 2014. With the release comes a plethora of new features, updated functionality, and under-the-hood performance/bug fixes.



  • Enable announcement re-order by default (SAK-23298)
    • Allows the ability to re-order announcements by default



  • Ability to turn on/off Group Submission feature (SAK-22282)
    • ​This allows site groups to act as submitters of an assignment instead of an individual. Any individual in the group may make submissions/changes and all members of the group are emailed notifications on submissions. All behaviors on individual submissions can be applied to group submissions such as grading, resubmissions, grade release, downloads, uploads, etc. One grade is designated for the entire group and all individuals receive this grade in the Gradebook.
    • Assignments - Group Submission image
  • Ability to turn on/off Visible Date feature (SAK-22282)
    • ​If visible date is set, students can see assignment but cannot submit/save yet.Assignments Visible Date image
  • Peer review functionality (SAK-23812)
    • assignments peer review image
  • Download all assignments flat file structure (SAK-19147)
    • This feature allows the instructor select only the items they want to include in the Download All zip file.  This represents significant improvement over the original Download All file structure, which included sub folders for each item type in each student's folder
  • Hide assignment due date (SAK-24338)
  • Send comments to gradebook (SAK-23787)
    • The ability to send the instructor entered comments in student submissions from the assignments tool to the gradebook when the grades are released
  • When an instructor allows resubmission for an assignment, a notification is sent to students (SAK-20723)
    • When an instructor allows resubmission for an assignment, CLE will send a notification to students.



  • Add optional start and end date controls for chat rooms (SAK-24207)
    • chat room open close dates image
    • Allows a teacher or course admin to limit the dates (dates only, not times - from the beginning of start date to the ending of end date, both dates do not have to be set, start must come before or equal end date) between which posting is allowed in a given chatroom in a site. This would be controllable for each chatroom individually. Read access to the chatroom would be granted based on the "chat.read" permission only. Write access would be granted in combination with the "chat.new" permission and the configured dates (empty or null dates would indicate that the chatroom is open and unrestricted by dates). Any user with "chat.revise.channel" will be able to change the date settings at any time. 



  • Ability for instructor to send file to multiple students' dropboxes (SAK-5350)
    • Allows an instructor to upload a file to multiple users at once.
    • drop box multiple user upload image



  • Audio recording widget (SAK-24415)
    • Allows instructors to record audio clips for their site which would appear either using the HTML5 <audio> tag or another flash fallback (where the audio player isn't supported).
  • Word count plugin (SAK-22001)
    • Allows users to see how many words are in the editor.
  • Updated to latest version, 4.3.4 (SAK-23708)



  • When entering grades, respect the grade entry type setting in the Gradebook (SAK-24859)
    • Allows instructor grade entry in Forums to respect the grade entry type setting in the Gradebook. For example, grades would be percentages for a percentage gradebook.
  • Show which topics contain unread messages (SAK-24855)
    • Allows a user to see how many messages are unread for a topic.
    • forums unread messages image
  • Ability to move a thread to a different topic (SAK-24861)
    • Allows site owners to move threads into different topics. For example, to move a discussion that is off-topic into a more appropriate forum.
    • forums move thread image
  • Identify site members by special rank (e.g., by role) or by post count (SAK-24854)
    • Adds support for the ability to give special designation/rank to site member. For example, rank based on role in course or to identify site members by the number of posts they've made.
    • forums ranks image
  • Add property to set default start and end times (SAK-24866)
    • Allows a property "msgcntr.forums.defaultAvailabilityTime" to be set in sakai.properties that will have the time specified to be the default available time. For example, "msgcntr.forums.defaultAvailabilityTime=7:43pm" would have all forums default to opening at 7:43pm.



  • Ability to create extra credit assignments as well as mark categories as extra credit (SAK-21225)
    • Gives instructors the ability to create extra credit assignments in gradebook as well as mark categories as extra credit.
    • grade book extra credit image
  • Create a property to set default number of students for the pager (SAK-23193)
    • Creates a sakai.property "gradebook.defaultMaxDisplayedScoreRows" which can set the default pager option for the number of students to display for the Roster and Item pages. Default value is 50.



  • Redesigned interface



  • Toolbar has been redesigned to have "add content" with all content items (LSNBLDR-310)
    • Adds an "add content" drop down to the toolbar.
  • Support for embedded Audio/video has been redone to support HTML5, to use joembed to support many video sharing sites, and all embed codes (LSNBLDR-295)
    • Allows a user to edit the source code and add video embed code directly.
  • Table of contents lets instructors view the list of items on a page
  • Multimedia and text items can have prerequisites (LSNBLDR-287)
    • Allows the instructor to hide multimedia and text items until defined pre-requisites have been met.
  • Redesign of CSS
  • Peer Rubric
  • Support for /direct to get contents of lessons (LSNBLDR-213)
    • Adds the ability to use REST calls to get get summary of lesson tools for a given site or user, and full contents of a lesson.
  • Inline questions, can be used as polls (LSNBLDR-212)
    • It's now possible to click graded without giving a gradebook item.
  • Student pages can be owned by a group as well as individuals (LSNBLDR-136)
    • A predefined group of users would have ability to create, edit and add comments to a page and its subpages.



  • Added support for LTI 2.0 (SAK-24180)



  • Redesign choosing recipients feature (SAK-25495)
    • Easier selection of recipients, especially for sites with a large number of participants.
  • Display the Sender's profile picture on received messages (SAK-24869)
    • messages sender photo image
  • Updated REST endpoints (SAK-24870)
    • Added ability to get lists of forums, topics, threads, and messages via /direct call.
  • Mark replied messages on the "Received" folder (SAK-24871)
    • Add an arrow icon to the message row when a reply has been authored by the logged in user.
    • messages replied icon image
  • Setting to always send to recipients' email addresses (SAK-24860)
    • Adds a property "msgcntr.defaultSendToEmailSetting" to sakai.properties to always send to recipients' email addresses. Options are (defaults to 1): 0 = never allow, 1 = optional - let the message author decide, 2 = always send an email copy.
  • Add sender's email address to message body (SAK-24857)
    • Allows the ability to reply to an email message forwarded by the Messages tool without logging into sakai and show the sender's email address.



  • Project Keitai - Phase 1 (SAK-23352)
    • Added addition APIs for access to Sakai tools via /direct.


Portal Chat

  • Add video call feature (SAK-23349)
    • Allows each user to start a video/audio conversation with a member/connection through the chat window. The first call negotiation will be made using the portal chat messaging service, after that, the stream would be established directly between client navigators.
    • portal chat video call image
  • Allow institutions to remove certain roles, such as guests, from inclusion (SAK-23259)
    • Allows the superusers of the Sakai installation to block specific roles, namely guests, from using portal chat across all sites.
  • Allow users to permanently opt out (SAK-22262)
    • Allow users to permanently opt out of portal chat. After opting out, the change is persistent across browser sessions.
  • Option to hide/show 'In This Site' section by Chat (SAK-23370)
    • Allows a system wide setting to toggle whether the "In this site" section appears. Controlled via the property "portal.chat.showSiteUsers" in sakai.properties. Defaults to true.



  • New skin
  • Ability to insert configurable links into portal header (SAK-22912)
  • Add clock to interface (SAK-7802)
    • Shows the current server time in the bottom right corner of the Sakai user interface.



  • Ability to hide a folder while allowing access to files inside it (SAK-23044)
    • Allows a user to hide a folder, while still making files inside it accessible.
    • resources show contents in hidden folder image
  • Ability to drag and drop uploads (SAK-22306)
    • Enables the ability to have file drag and drop support (like in gmail) in the resources tool in Sakai. Feature is controlled by the property "content.upload.dragndrop" in sakai.properties. Defaults to false.
  • Folder upload is possible with Drag & Drop in Chrome 21+ (SAK-25455)
    • Notes:
      • Folder drag and drop only supported on Chrome browsers
      • In Chrome 21+ it works with files, folders and subfolders
      • In Firefox it works only with files
      • In Internet Explorer 8+ it works with files *but only* if <!doctype html>
        is present in the document. So it will not work if patch is backported to
        2.9, unless another patch that changes old doctypes is applied before
  • Enable Drag and Drop feature on a per-tool basis with a property (SAK-25868)



  • Add SSP integration (SAK-23562)
    • The “Early Alert System” of SSP is meant to provide a means of tracking students as they are coached with tasks and goals to help ensure their educational success. When enabled, an icon next to each student in the site will allow one-click access to the SSP system.



  • Allow subscriptions to non-public calendars (SAK-21497)
    • Implements "private URLs" for all site calendars. These are unique non guessable URLs (one per user) that one can subscribe to in all calendaring clients (including MS Outlook). A calendar does not have to be exported (i.e. made public) in order to subscribe to it.



  • Replace Legacy Search with an ElasticSearch implementation (SRCH-111)
    • Drop in replacement for Sakai's legacy search service which uses ElasticSearch (http://elasticsearch.org). Enabled using the properties "elasticsearch.http.enabled" and "elasticsearch.http.port" in sakai.properties.
  • Ability to change the search implementation with properties in sakai.properties (SRCH-119)


Site Management and Groups

  • Additional Joinable Site Settings (SAK-24423)
    • There are a collection of new settings for when a site is made joinable. Any/all of these new settings can be enabled/disabled system-wide (disabled is the default) via sakai.properties. The features being introduced are:
      • joiner group (places the joining user into a group specified by the maintainer)
      • join notification (maintainer(s) receive an email when a user joins the site)
      • exclude from public list of joinable sites
      • limit by account type(s) (maintainers select the account types that are able to join the site)
      • join from Site Browser (ability for users to join sites through the Site Browser)
  • iSyllabus Editor Entity Link UI (SAK-23040)
    • Adds the ability of the link tool "browse server" in the CKEditor to look up Sakai entities other than resources.
  • Allow users to display short description instead of site title in site tab bar (SAK-23895)
    • Created a customization in My Workspace > Preferences to allow users to display a site's short description instead of the site title in the site tab bar.
  • Site Info -> Import from site needs to run in a separate thread and email user when finished (SAK-23897)
    • Site Info->Import From Site process to run outside of a user's thread and email the user once completed.
  • Make it easier to change the size of the section fields in Site Info (SAK-23652)
    • Sizes of the inupt fields for subject, course, and section are customizable via the following properties in sakai.properties:
      • wsetup.sectionfield.required_fields_subject.max
      • wsetup.sectionfield.required_fields_course.max
      • wsetup.sectionfield.required_fields_section.max
  • Flexible way to customize cut method for site title in tabs (SAK-23567)
  • Section Info: Allow read only sections (by category) with MANUAL_MANDATORY configuration (SAK-23495)
    • Allows an Instructor can create and manage sections of all categories except those listed in the property "readOnlySectionCategories."
  • Joinable groups (SAK-22858)
    • Joinable groups consist of automatically created groups that users can elect to join. An individual can join one group per set.
  • Worksite Setup Filter by term (SAK-22513)
    • site info filter by term image
  • Site creation confirmation email (SAK-22501)
    • When there is a official course site creation or a project site creation, a confirmation email will be sent back to the users. By default, the sending of such email is turned off, so that there will be no noticeable changes by default.
  • Improved Create Site from Template process (SAK-22450)
  • Improve layout/organization of tools in site info (SAK-16600)



  • Add Oracle support to server-wide stats (STAT-330)



  • iSyllabus linking and link migration (SAK-22283)
  • Allow inline editing for Instructors in Table of Contents view (SAK-23451)
  • Bulk Update Syllabus Items (SAK-23441)
    • Allow an instructor to edit multiple syllabi at once.
    • syllabus multiple edit image
  • Create a Table of Contents Style view (SAK-23342)
    • Created a table of contents view for the syllabus. This will make it easier for students to jump to parts of the syllabus without having to scroll and browse the entire syllabus.
    • Screencast: http://screencast.com/t/kK7UGzXu
  • iSyllabus should be able to discover and link to new entities (SAK-23333)
  • Bulk Create Syllabus Items by Date (SAK-23303)
    • Created a page that will allow an instructor to add syllabus items by bulk. Each day of the week selected that falls between the two selected dates will be automatically generated in bulk.
    • syllabus bulk create by date image
  • Add Start and End Dates to Syllabus and allow linking to Calendar (SAK-23270)
    • Adds a start and end date field for syllabus data. Also allows these dates to be included in the schedule/calendar.


Tests and Quizzes (Samigo)

  • Add ability to have the property samigo.editPubAssessment.restricted set as a site property (SAM-1457)
    • Enables the use of this property so it can also be set on a per site basis, rather than only on a global basis in sakai.properties.
  • Calculated questions (SAM-1139)
    • Adds the ability to have questions which contains variables, a method of setting the range of those variables, and the number of questions to be generated of that type. For example, "What is {x} + {y} where 0 < x < 100 and 0 < y < 50?"
    • samigo calculated question image
  • Allow the instructor to include extra calculations within the calculated question (SAM-2151)
    • Adds a way to reference a calculated value in the calculated question unless it is part of the formula for the answer. Extend the existing Calculated Question work in order to allow the instructor to include calculations within the question itself. For example, the instructor could set up a question something like the following:

      Alice has {A} apples, Bob has {B} apples, and Charles has {C} apples. Of the apples among the group, {{SOLUTION}} percent are Bob's. 
      Formula: SOLUTION = ({B} / ({A} + {B} + {C}))*100 

      Wherein if the variable values were A=5, B=10, C=15, the actual display to the student would look like: 

      Alice has 5 apples, Bob has 10 apples, and Charles has 15 apples. Of the 30 apples among the group, (TEXT ENTRY BOX HERE) percent are Bob's?

  • Replace floats with doubles to increase precision (SAM-2087)
  • Receiver can not unshare another instructor's question pool (SAM-1566)
    • Receiver of a shared pool (pool owned by other person) is now able to remove the share when they are done with it.
  • Multiple Choice: All or Nothing option (SAM-1402)
    • Allows the instructor to decide whether the student will get partial credit or "all or nothing."
    • samigo all or nothing image
  • Use jQuery UI Accordion for assessment settings (SAM-1733)
  • Event Log that Tracks Entries, Submissions, and Errors (SAM-1368)
  • Update events in assessments (SAM-658)
  • Add missing events tracking for view activity (SAK-23566)
  • HTML5 audio recorder


System Administration

  • Allow login filters to be configured outside of the login tool. Useful for CAS/Shibboleth and other types of sign on extensions (SAK-23187)
  • Add password policy control to the New Account tool (SAK-23568)
    • Add configuration to the New Account tool to verify that users choose passwords with sufficient entropy.
    • admin password strength image
  • Enable restoration of deleted files (KNL-309)
    • Provides the ability to restore deleted files from content hosting.
  • Improve Sakai Quartz configuration (SAK-20885)
  • Allow users to have to accept terms and conditions (SAK-24366)
    • Adds the option for a checkbox which users must check to accept terms and conditions when validating their account.
  • Add the admin site perms tool into Sakai (SAK-24198)
    • admin permissions image
  • Improve language list to be readable for foreign user (SAK-23513)
    • Enables speakers of other languages to more easily select their desired Sakai language.
    • admin languages image
  • Ability to view realms but not modify them (SAK-22585)
    • Adds a new permission that can be granted to users and then provides a readonly UI to the Realms tool. An admin can grant users the permission, and they can access the tool.
  • Need a way to see running jobs and have ability to kill them (SAK-21425)
  • Import a CSV of users in the Admin Users tool (SAK-21405)
    • Adds an Import from file option in the Admin users tool which takes a CSV file of users to create accounts.
    • admin import from file image
  • Ability to lock a user account (SAK-16499)
    • A user account is able to be locked to prevent login, rather than deleting the user. If a user is disabled, then you can select where to have the user redirected to via the property "disabledSiteUrl" in sakai.properties.
  • Allow configuration to turn quartz on/off on a server by server basis (SAK-13776)
  • Admin site perms tool
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