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Q3 2014 Open Source Support Briefing for Sakai

On Thursday, 24 July 2014 at 10:00AM PDT (1:00PM EDT), the Unicon Open Source Support Team held the third quarter Open Source Support Sakai Briefing teleconference.

The quarterly Open Source Support for Sakai Briefing is an opportunity to share with you Unicon's participation in and around the Sakai community, our perspective on progress and happenings in the community, and opportunities to engage further with Unicon. Discussions took place concerning maintenance development on Sakai tools, plans for further enhancement of the Sakai project, as well as excitement about the upcoming releases.
Some Highlights of the Call
  • Several bug fixes, enhancements, or improvements completed by Sakai Sustaining Engineering since our last call!
  • Priority development voting now in Zendesk (https://unicon.zendesk.com).
  • Sustaining Engineering tasks that have been completed by the Unicon development team include the following:
    • KNL-1162: Rewrite MemoryService APIs to allow pluggable caching (JSR-107)
    • KNL-1225: SiteCacheImpl is incompatible with distributed/JSR-107 caching
    • KNL-1229: Remove deprecated "pattern" cache update event handling
    • SAK-1230: Remove deprecated use of MultiRefCache
    • KNL-1246: Cache APIs do not support bulk operations from JSR-107
    • KNL-1223: Sakai getAll caching is dangerous and cannot be supported by the Java cache standard (JSR-107)
    • SAK-26059: getAll/Complete cache: BaseCalendarService
    • SAK-26060: getAll/Complete cache: BaseMessage (also creates caches on demand)
    • SAK-26069: getKeys/Complete cache: BasicNewsService
    • KNL-1224: getAll/Complete cache: NotificationCache m_cache, BaseNotificationService
    • SAK-26107: Remove all ehcache specific beans from Sakai core
    • KNL-1233: Remove all ehcache specific beans from Sakai kernel
    • SAK-26108: Remove ehcache specific code from calendar
    • SAK-26112: Remove ehcache specific beans from OSP
    • KNL-1243: circular dependency between old memory service, ETS, UDS causes NPE on startup
    • SAK-26088: Cannot log in to trunk as admin
    • KNL-1254: Sakai doesn't startup in legacy cache mode when ical.experimental is set.
    • KNL-1255: "View Site As" no longer working in some tools it previously worked in
    • STAT-380: Sitestats failure loading activity listing
    • KNL-1163: Provide Session (or other) serialize and deserialize object methods in Kernel API
    • KNL-1253: Add support for stripping html tags to kernel utils
    • SAK-26105: Sakai help system uses hibernate in a dangerous way
    • SAK-26131: Oracle migration script and auto.ddl startup on trunk/10 errors
    • KNL-1222: Kernel POM compatible with maven 3 reporting
  • Currently, we have the following Sustaining Engineering tasks in-progress:
    • SAK-23662: New datepicker implementation to create constancy throughout various tool's date and time selection mechanisms
    • KNL-1063: Persist the config changes in the DB (implement a config provider)
    • SAK-22786: Document optimal cache settings for a production instance in the cache configuration
  • These are the highest voted development priorities:
    • SAK-23662: New datepicker implementation to create constancy throughout various tool's date and time selection mechanisms
    • SAK-26141: Access settings for syllabus items are not available except in Bulk Edit view
    • SAK-26142: Include ability to add syllabus content (and not just a syllabus title) to Add syllabus item workflow
  • We often provide recommendations to assist with possible Sustaining Engineering Votes, please see the following recommendations that were discussed in our call.
    • KNL-1201: Sessions contain info only used before the login which should be purged shortly after login
    • KNL-1241: User caching happens in threadlocal as well as cache
    • SAK-25857: Portal (maybe only neo) places 3 flags in every ToolSession which appear to be nearly identical
    • SAK-25822: Portlet state data is stored in session
  • The Community update portion of our call focused on the Sakai 10.0 release and upcoming conferences. A summary of what is included in the Sakai 10.0 release can be seen below.
    • Sakai 10:
      • Released June 2014
      • Delegated Access tool, Portal Video Chat, LTI 2.0
      • Many performance and reliability gains
      • What’s New? http://www.unicon.net/sakai10-whatsnew
      • 10.1 maybe by end of summer
    • Sakai 2.9.4:
      • Planned release late Summer 2014
      • Performance Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Upcoming Conferences discussed the Apereo Main Conference. Please see dates and details below.
    • Sakai Virtual Conference 2014:
Thank you to all who attended! Please join us for the next briefing, currently scheduled for 10:00AM PDT (1:00PM EDT) on Thursday, 23 October 2014.
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