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Q3 2013 Open Source Support Briefing for Sakai

On Thursday, September 26th 2013 at 11:00AM PDT (1:00PM EDT), the Unicon Open Source Support Team held the third quarter Open Source Support Sakai Briefing teleconference.

The quarterly Open Source Support for Sakai Briefing is an opportunity to share with you Unicon's participation in and around the Sakai community, our perspective on progress and happenings in the community, and opportunities to engage further with Unicon. Discussions took place concerning maintenance development on Sakai tools, plans for further enhancement of the Sakai project, as well as excitement about the upcoming releases.
Some Highlights of the Call
  • Several bug fixes, enhancements, or improvements completed by Sakai Sustaining Engineering since our last call!
  • Priority development voting now in Zendesk (https://unicon.zendesk.com).
  • Sustaining Engineering tasks that have been completed by the Unicon team include the following:
    • SAK-23733: Grades which are external but have no ExternalAssignmentProvider are hidden from students and not included in calculations
    • SAK-22528: RWiki's notification mail miss the foot part and not i18n friendly in some detail
    • SAK-21124: Sakai default config is missing a huge number of config options
    • SAK-21170: Correct configuration options which do not have an appropriate default defined in the service where they originate
    • MSGCNTR-750: Reply to a reply does not display properly in Forums
    • SKE-235: Media property "Reusable" being ignored
    • RES-61: The validationaccount_item table's not-null constraints break add participants functionality in Oracle
    • SAK-23734: myworkspace.info.url not internationalized
    • SAK-22022: Change session dates in bug reports, currently longs, into server locale internationalized date strings that humans can easily read
    • SAK-23057: Standardize options menu markup
    • SAK-23724: Synoptic Announcements wrong default order
    • SAK-24198: Add the admin site perms tool into Sakai
    • SAM-2091: For short answer grading, set "responses inline" as default
    • KNL-1011: Performance issues in site visits and retrieval (doSite, getSites)
    • KNL-1100: Add validateUrl() method to FormattedText
    • KNL-1103: Site addSite(String id, Site other) should log in site property what site the new site was copied from
  • Currently, we have the following Sustaining Engineering tasks in-progress:
    • SAK-23662: New datepicker implementation to create constancy throughout various tool's date and time selection mechanisms
    • SAK-22282: Proposed patch to support group submissions.
    • SAK-22527: Support for MathML in rich text editor
    • SAK-24207: Add optional start and end date controls for chat rooms in the chat tool
    • SAK-24392 / KNL-1123: Add password validation when users can set their password
    • SAK-23907: Move Sakai trunk to monolithic build, remove assemblies, simplify POMs
  • We often provide recommendations to assist with possible Sustaining Engineering Votes, please see the following recommendations that were discussed in our call.
    • SAK-21786: EntityBroker does not allow update of site membership role
    • SAK-23306: Add easier method for adding non-lecture section rosters to site (when using CM)
    • SAK-22442: Drop Box - Email Notification Issue
    • SAK-22431: Extend user import in Admin Users tool to support XLS
    • SAK-23029: Regression - Site Info allows removal of all maintain roles
    • KNL-793: Ability to disable users
  • The Community update portion of our call focused on the Sakai 2.9.3 release and upcoming conferences. A summary of what was included in the Sakai 2.9.3 release can be seen below.
    • Sakai 2.9.3:
      • Released August 22, 2013
      • Performance Enhancements
      • Over 100 JIRAs resolved
      • Added AntiSamy security infrastructure (high setting is default)
      • Improved WebDav-client support and compatibility
      • Lessons - better support for multimedia types
      • BasicLTI 2.2.1
      • Help documentation updated
  • Upcoming Conferences discussed the Apereo Main Conference. Please see dates and details below.
    • Apereo Conference 2014:
      • Hilton Downtown Miami, Florida, June 1 - 4, 2014
Thank you to all who attended! Please join us for the next briefing, currently scheduled for 11:00AM PST (1:00PM EDT) on December 12, 2013.
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