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One major advantage of implementing uPortal is the portal's mobile capabilities. Constituents want constant access to their academic, work, and social environments, while embracing mobile computing as part of their lifestyle. Pushing essential information and services to mobile devices has gone from optional to mandatory. Students, faculty, and staff expect instant access to maps, directories, academics, and other vital IT services to help them navigate their campus or work experience when they are mobile. Campus communities and organizations can require a variety of custom services, propelling CIOs and IT administrators to deliver personalized mobile content to each group.

uPortal's mobile capabilities are made possible by the uMobile project, an open source effort established by the Apereo Foundation community. Learn more about uMobile.

uPortal's mobile features include native app experience, native device integration, and Responsive Design.

Native App Experience

Now institutions have a reliable native application that meets the demand of constituents who are using mobile technology, while allowing the institution to stay in control of the platform.

Native Device Integration

Native device integration improves the performance and usability of uPortal while providing universities with a presence in the Apple® App StoreSM and AndroidTM Marketplace. The native app also integrates with native device resources, such as GPS and address books, to provide features like directions to campus locations and download of contact information to the user address book. uMobile's native app currently supports iPhone and Android devices. uMobile's native app currently supports iPhone and Android devices. Browser based mobile support is available for:

  • AndroidTM
  • iPhoneTM
  • Blackberry®
  • Windows Mobile®
  • webOS®
  • Samsung bada®
  • MeeGo®

Responsive Design

Provides a consistent and seamless experience across all devices (desktops, tablets, and smartphones).

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