uPortal Core Framework

uPortal boasts a powerful core framework, complete with an impressive set of development tools for interface customization and user experience design.

Powerful, Flexible Core Framework

uPortal builds on 10 years of Apereo community experience in enterprise development for higher education communities. uPortal's authentication and authorization, user and group management, and layout management capabilities are built on mature, production ready libraries. uPortal also features database migration infrastructure allowing content configuration and user preferences to be ported to other installations or future versions of uPortal.

  • Flexible Layouts
    • Sophisticated layout management allows administrators to push content by user role. uPortal allows universities to distribute modules according to user groups, permissions, and attributes.
  • Authentication and Security
    • Ships with libraries and sample configurations for use of Apereo's Central Authentication Service (CAS) single sign-on technology.
  • Interface Customization
    • Brand uPortal for the campus using the platform's highly customizable user interface. Skinning and configuration options are externalized for ease of adoption.
  • Web-based Administration
    • Create, assign, and manage groups, permissions, and workflow.
  • User Experience
    • Attractive user interface provides an accessible, native-looking user experience.
  • Groups and Permissions
    • Integrate with existing campus group stores, such as LDAP, Active Directory, or Grouper. uPortal's powerful permissions framework allows administrators to control content access and delegate administration.

Web-Based Administrative Console

uPortal's web-based console allows administrators to manage uPortal content, groups, and permissions via the Web. Content creation tools support WYSIWYG editing, content approval and publishing workflow, and automatic publishing and expiration of content. Additional resources include: cache observation and management, diagnostics, usage statistics, and user experience development tools.

Architectural Advantage

uPortal leverages mobile views already offered by a large number of Apereo portlets, and enables a single code base to provide both browser-based and native-app functionality from a single portlet. This approach also allows adopters to implement uPortal components as either web-based or native apps.

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