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Sakora Integration for Sakai

Campus Solutions 9.0 Integration Services

Implementation Services for Student Administration Integration Pack (SAIP)
The demand and need for higher education institutions to find more efficient ways to integrate and manage their student information system (SIS) with their learning management system (LMS) is increasing. Oracle and Unicon are partners in the development of an integration solution between these two key applications. This allows for course, enrollment, and outcomes information to be exchanged between the SIS and the LMS. Beginning with Oracle Student Administration Integration Pack (SAIP), the SAIP delivers enrollment data from Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions via open standards that can be consumed by a LMS. SAIP delivers a scalable, Web services-based interface for sharing academic data and allows integration of student records into the academic system of choice. Unicon delivers implementation services using SAIP to integrate Oracle's PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.0 with standards-based, major vendor-supplied, and open source learning management systems. Unicon also provides development and customization services between Campus Solutions 9.0 and enterprise applications that do not conform to standards.

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​Services for SAIP, using Sakora
The integration between the SIS and LMS is known as the Sakora Project. Unicon assists institutions in strategic and tactical planning for the implementation of SAIP. The implementation planning service focuses on goal setting, team and organizational alignment, as well as tactical planning. This will help set the foundation and create a sound SAIP implementation plan.

In implementing SAIP, Unicon configures the Integration Broker, allowing people, course, and enrollment records to be replicated into the institution's academic system based on a defined level and timing. Testing of the SAIP implementation confirms that future integration maintenance is concrete, allowing integration updates at anytime. Unicon and the institution work together to verify the integration from SAIP into the academic system(s).

Unicon offers custom development services for new integrations to help institutions meet specific requirements and preferences. The custom development service integrates the administrative and academic systems that support the education experience.

Unicon provides the following services for the SAIP using the Sakora Project:

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