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Nov 5, 2015 - Unicon IAM Update/Briefing

On November 5th, we had a great quarterly IAM briefing. Misagh Moayyed, Jonathan (JJ) Johnson, and David Langenberg presented to me to discuss CAS, Shibboleth, and Grouper. This webinar was recorded. You can watch the recording(link is external), or just checkout the slides (below).

Here are some highlights:

Misagh shared the latest updates on CAS Server. 4.1.1 has been released, and he talked about some of the new features that were released with that. (If you haven't seen the new management UI, take a look at the slides.) He also spoke about the roadmap for CAS 4.2.

JJ reminded us of the end of life schedule for Shibboleth IdP v2. He also shared more info about the work that the University of Chicago is sponsoring for Unicon to add Open ID Connect (OIDC) support to the IdP.

David Langenberg talked about Grouper 2.2.2's September release. There are lots of patches brought over from 2.2.1, but it added some new features like a Read-Only Admin role and being able to run Grouper Loader jobs via the Grouper UI. He talked about other enhancements to Grouper as well as the Grouper road map.

Each presenter shared about the on-going contributions that Unicon has made for the respective projects. There are some interesting add-ons, especially for Shibboleth IdP v3. Check out the presentation for details about that work.


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