Misagh Moayyed, Senior Software Developer at Unicon, Recognized as 2019 Apereo Fellow

Fellows enrich the Apereo community by providing technical expertise, teaching, research, community organization, support, and leadership

Misagh Moayyed photoGilbert, AZ – June 3, 2019— Unicon, Inc., a leading EdTech consulting and digital services company specializing in open source applications that support and enhance teaching and learning, announced today that Misagh Moayyed, Senior Software Developer at Unicon, has been selected as a 2019 Apereo Fellow. Apereo Fellows are recognized for their outstanding contributions to the Apereo community of open source projects. Misagh has been involved with identity and access management and the Apereo/JASIG CAS community since 2009.  He has held a variety of positions within the CAS project, acting as contributor, committer, member of both the CAS project management and CAS steering committees, CAS project chairman, and release engineer. Since joining Unicon in 2011, Misagh has worked closely with the Apereo Foundation and the Internet2 community. He has promoted the CAS project through blogs and presentations at technical conferences such as Open Apereo and Internet2 Tech Exchange, as well as to various Java user groups around the world.  

"I am very pleased to be named as an Apereo Fellow,” said Misagh Moayyed, Senior Software Developer, Unicon. “I am honored by the community’s recognition of my support for the Apereo Foundation, and I plan to continue to contribute for the foreseeable future.”

The purpose of the Apereo Foundation Fellows Program is to acknowledge, celebrate, and reward the contributions of important Apereo volunteer contributors. The Apereo Fellows program seeks to foster community leadership and contribution through recognizing and supporting active contributors. Read about all the 2019 Apereo Fellows at https://www.apereo.org/communities/apereo-fellows/2019-apereo-fellows.

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