WebSSO and Federated Identity for the Campus

Juilliard School
Julliard Case Study photo

Security and access control are top priorities for today’s CIOs. CIOs need to provide a secure environment for their constituents to collaborate, perform research, and have access to important campus resources and services. A secure cyber infrastructure protects both its users and sensitive information, while allowing users access to resources for collaboration. At the Juilliard School, many different applications needed the convenience of Web single sign-on and federated identity to provide the security and access control the institution required.

A robust IAM architecture provides secure access to cyber infrastructure, whether applications are hosted on-premise or in the cloud. The Juilliard School needed to securely connect its constituents to both local and cloud applications, and decided on open source IAM solutions as the answer. With open source IAM solutions, users can collaborate and know that the information they are sharing will be delivered correctly and securely, to the appropriate group(s).

Unicon provided services for the Central Authentication Service (CAS) and Shibboleth federated identity provider. The Juilliard School enlisted Unicon to integrate CAS, Shibboleth, and Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) with Microsoft Office 365, an application hosted in the cloud. Unicon also configured, installed, and branded CAS and assisted Juilliard with local single sign-on integrations that entailed Juilliard’s instances of Web Advisor, Drupal, and Atomic Learning.