Facilitating Individualized Assessments for Learning Analytics Readiness

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Oftentimes, the implementation of a new technology is cookie-cutter. Someone writes a general blanket process and wants everyone that’s implementing it to follow the directions to a T. But just as often, the organizations that are adopting the technology are drastically different. How could they possibly all follow the same implementation plan with success?

The Challenge

Jisc, working to digitally advance the UK’s higher education system, provides the country’s colleges and universities with a learning analytics solution that aims to address challenges around student course completion, retention, and attainment.

As part of this effort, Jisc recognized that a critical component of the adoption of analytics technologies is to help the institution determine how prepared it is to implement the technology — both technically and organizationally — and to offer support for the change.

Though they wanted these assessments and support models to be individualized, they also wanted to keep them directed toward the same common vision and keep metrics standardized so they could compare across sites.

Why Unicon?

Unicon’s experience in the education technology space with specific experience in implementing learning analytics and the associated strategies for organization change made the company uniquely equipped to handle the task.

Not only did Unicon build the underlying tech for the learning analytics solution, they also brought decades of experience with implementation planning. Beyond the software, they are able to address some of the biggest challenges institutions have with implementing new tech: how it impacts people and processes.

Unicon was also able to provide unbiased support and guidance on an individualized level as each campus had different obstacles and concerns.

The results for this project were two-fold.

  1. Jisc further expanded their learning analytics offering and is the world’s first national learning analytics service specifically designed to address both technical and non-technical strategic goals of higher education organizations. The standardized metrics will be used to further grow and develop solutions for a nationwide UK-based audience. Jisc said “the process had a significant impact acting as a catalyst to the development of our blueprint for learning analytics and a stimulus for smaller precursor projects.”
  2. The institutions assessed gained insights that will help them as they continue their analytics journey.

One size never fits all when it comes to tech implementation.