Tech Strategy and Operations

August, 2022 I have been working in the education consultancy field for the past 20 years, in which most of my time has been spent as a traditional project manager. As I have gained experience through my work at Unicon, I grew from managing small project efforts to large client initiatives that included cross-department, multi-vendor projects with high stakes. I’m a project manager at heart and I keep a spreadsheet for everything.
May, 2021 Identity and access management (IAM) engineers are in high demand. We often hear from customers that the one key person who was knowledgeable about their IAM solution and future needs has moved on to another position leaving the current staff with a gap in knowledge, expertise, and next steps.
August, 2020 Are you struggling with too many manual updates when learners move from one role to another? Are your students and faculty communicating frustration when trying to access resources?
July, 2020 These last few months during the COVID-19 pandemic, schools and businesses have had to face challenges across the IT landscape.
June, 2020 Announcing a new LTI Spotlight Series Our industry rose to the challenge this spring, implementing emergency remote teaching and moving content and learning resources online overnight.
June, 2020 Now that March has slid into June, I really miss
May, 2020 Cloud Migration Strategy: Trust the Process You have developed a business case for moving to the Cloud, done all of the proper planning and preparation, and ensured that your team has acquired the necessary skill sets to perform your cloud migration.
May, 2020 In a recent visit to my Mom’s house delivering groceries, I noticed a school bus parked outside the neighborhood community center.
April, 2020 In today’s technology landscape, the Cloud is something that everyone is thinking about, and the benefits of migrating to the Cloud are widely known. The limiting factor for planning a cloud migration tends to be not knowing *where* to start your cloud journey once you accept the fact that you *should* start the journey.
April, 2020 We understand the unique situation the world is in today and can only imagine the various challenges higher education institutions, school districts, and the technology vendors who support them are facing. We are here to help and want to pass along several important updates related to LTI.