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Getting Ready for Back to School

Back to School is almost here, and we all know what a challenging time of year this can be. The load on your systems suddenly skyrockets as new and returning students start to enroll and get ready for fall classes. There is a heightened sense of urgency—as any technical hiccups or delays at the start of a semester can have a massively negative impact on the semester schedule. In addition, your new products and features are being tested by real users for the first time. So, there are always "issues" (i.e. bugs) that are uncovered when you have the most pressure to get things right.

At Unicon, we’ve been supporting our clients through the back-to-school time for many years. This has given us a chance to gather first-hand a set of “best practice” recommendations and procedures.

We’ve learned that the key to a smooth back-to-school experience is to make sure that ALL aspects of your program are ready for the challenge—this means people, processes, applications, and infrastructure.

For details and helpful tips about how to ensure you are ready, download our Back-to-School Checklist.

Feel free to contact Unicon if you have any questions or want help evaluating your readiness. Best wishes for a smooth start to the fall semester!

The Unicon Team

The Unicon Team

Unicon is a leading technology consulting firm focused solely on the education ecosystem with more than 30 years' of experience partnering with institutions and companies to create learner-centric digital experiences that transform the Learner Journey. Organizations leverage our domain expertise across numerous disciplines, including technology evaluations, identity and access management, data optimization, learning analytics, systems interoperability, learning experience design, application development, cloud services, and open source support. We believe in the power of technology to expand access to education, and in the power of education to create a better future for all.