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uMobile On-Demand Conference Sessions from EDUCAUSE Annual Conference Now Available

EDUCAUSE has made the recordings of the uMobile talks available for public viewing. Please read below for recording links, summaries of both talks, and speaker information.

John A. Lewis, Unicon’s Chief Software Architect, is a speaker in the second listed talk, “Jasig uMobile: A Mature Open-Source Platform Delivers Personalized Mobile Campus Services.”

Strategies for Personalized Mobile Applications: Making Choices That Will Last

On-Demand Conference Sessions:

Full Screen: http://demo.podcast.323link.com/episodes/e/ed/educause/10133/Strategies_For_Personalized_Mobil__10133.h264.flash.mp4

With Table of Contents for Navigation:

Mobile View:

Session Summary:
As mobile computing continues to increase on campuses, students, faculty, and staff expect to be able to authenticate into important applications and see personalized content on their mobile devices. Our panel will discuss approaches for addressing that demand now in a way that will serve you well into the future.

Speakers: Cornelia Bailey, User Experience Consultant, University of Chicago;  Jim Helwig, Project Manager, University of Wisconsin-Madison; and Theresa Rowe, Chief Information Officer, Oakland University.

Jasig uMobile: A Mature Open-Source Platform Delivers Personalized Mobile Campus Services

On-Demand Conference Session:

With Table of Contents for Navigation: http://educauseeducast.demo.podcast.323link.com/player.html?episode_id=10159

The Jasig uMobile enterprise mobile framework delivers role-based personalized content to institutional constituents through both the mobile web and native apps, using a mature and broadly adopted open-source platform. This session will provide an overview of the uMobile project and community and will present two implementation case studies.

Speakers:  John Brice Bible, CIO, Ohio University;  Jim Helwig, Project Manager, University of Wisconsin Madison; John A. Lewis, Chief Software Architect, Unicon, Inc.; and Robert Sherratt, Chair, Jasig, Inc.