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SSP 2.5.2 Now Available

Apereo is pleased to announce the release of SSP 2.5.2. This is a significant bug fix and enhancement release, including critical fixes to MAP and student search. Existing 2.5.x deployments are strongly encouraged to upgrade to pick up those fixes.
This release also introduces Broward College-sponsored LTI Provider functionality for point-to-point inbound SSO leveraging a technical standard widely adopted by LMS platforms.
For CAS-integrated deployments (the SSP team is not aware of any such deployments), this release also includes two important security patches (https://issues.jasig.org/browse/SSP-2721, https://issues.jasig.org/browse/SSP-2724). If you are running any CAS-integrated version of SSP you should strongly consider integrating those patches into your deployment. Check the SSP-2721 and SSP-2724 issue comments for a list of patches relevant to other SSP versions. Please contact this mailing list with any questions.
Other highlights in this release:
 - Minor fixes for the Action Plan tool for inactive Confidentiality Level showing and Action Plan report failure
 - Corrected inaccurate Student Searches involving DOB
 - Workaround for corrupted Maven dependency downloads
 - New permissions to hide the Main Tool for certain users/groups
For upgrade and other version-specific configuration instructions, included a detailed list of features/fixes/patches: https://wiki.jasig.org/display/SSP/SSP+v2.5.2+Release+Notes
For new-installation instructions: https://wiki.jasig.org/display/SSP/SSP+v2.5.2+Installation+Instructions
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