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Q1 2013 Cooperative Support for Sakai Update

On Thursday, March 28th 2013 at 10:00AM PDT (1:00PM EDT), the Unicon Cooperative Support Team held the first quarter Cooperative Support Sakai Summit teleconference.  A PDF of the presentation is attached below.

The quarterly Cooperative Support for Sakai Summit is an opportunity to share with you Unicon's participation in and around the Sakai community, our perspective on progress and happenings in the community, and opportunities to engage further with Unicon. Discussions took place concerning maintenance development on Sakai tools, plans for further enhancement of the Sakai project, as well as excitement about the upcoming Apereo conference in June.
Some Highlights of the Call
  • Several bug fixes, enhancements, or improvements completed by Cooperative Development since our last call!
  • Priority development voting now in Zendesk (https://unicon.zendesk.com).
  • Cooperative Development tasks that have been completed by the Unicon team include the following:
    • SAK-22978: Performance issue with group member items in Gradebook
    • SAK-22454: CheckAssignmentAccessibleForUser in Base AssignmentService ignores Group Permissions
    • SAK-22436: Patch to support grade overrides for Group Submissions
    • KNL-1030: Include the ability to create attachments on the fly
    • SAM-1660: Patch for Samigo to participate in archive / merge
    • KNL-1031: Allow add tool categories in sakai.properties
    • KNL-1032: Improve the handling of multivalued config items
    • SAK-23346: XML External vulnerability check - Site Manage
    • SAK-23347: XML External vulnerability check - FCK connector servlet
    • KNL-1038: The default value of samigo.answerUploadRepositoryPath in SakaiBootStrap.java doesn't get dereferenced
    • SAK-23379: GroupMembershipProvider can NPE on add
    • KNL-1035: Limit the concurrent sessions of a single user
  • Currently, we have the following Cooperative Development tasks in-progress:
  • We often provide recommendations to assist with possible Cooperative Development Votes, please see the following recommendations that were discussed in our call today.
    • SAK-21786: EntityBroker does not allow update of site membership role
    • SRCH-98: Search needs to support better options
    • SAK-22442: Drop Box - Email Notification Issue
    • SAK-22431: Extend user import in Admin Users tool to support XLS
    • SAK-23029: Regression - Site Info allows removal of all maintain roles
    • SAK-23375: Set Ungraded items to Zero does not set value to zero
  • The Community update portion of our call focused on the Sakai 2.9.1 release and upcoming conferences. A summary of what was included in the Sakai 2.9.1 release can be seen below.
    • Sakai 2.9.1:
      • Performance Enhancements
      • Updated technical infrastructure
      • 98 bug fixes
      • Synoptic Announcements uses chronological ordering
      • Performance improvements with group member items in Gradebook
      • IMS Common Cartridge import version 1.2
      • Sakai online Help has been updated to reflect tool changes between 2.8.x and 2.9.x
  • Upcoming Conferences discussed the Apereo Main Conference and the Sakai Mexico 2013 Conference. Please see dates and details below.
    • Apereo Conference 2013 (http://conf2013.apereo.org):
      • Westin San Diego, California, June 2 - 7, 2013
      • Sunday, June 2nd - pre-conference workshops, project and other community meetings.
      • Limited space is available on Friday June 7th for similar meetings.
      • Registration now open
    • Sakai Mexico Conference 2013:
      • April 24 - 26, 2013
      • Carolino Building, BUAP, Historical center of Puebla, México
Thank you to all who attended! Please join us for the next summit, currently scheduled for 10:00AM PDT (1:00PM EDT) on June 26, 2013.
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