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The Power of Drupal as an Enterprise Application Development Framework

People have historically viewed Drupal as one of the world's leading web content management systems, and rightfully so.   Many high profile websites are built on Drupal including Whitehouse.gov, the Louvre Museum (the most viewed museum website on the planet),  Ikea,  ING,  Tesla Motors,  US House of Representatives, Harvard, Stanford, McDonalds, and literally thousands of other sites.  While Drupal is excellent as a web content management system it also excels as an application development framework for enterprise applications.  Like other frameworks, Drupal ships with security, authentication, a database abstraction layer, a user interface builder (forms and HTML), and most importantly - the ability to leverage thousands of off-the-shelf contributed modules for integrating with many of the most popular enterprise applications.    The ability to quickly construct and deploy a simple to complex application is one of the key capabilities that the Unicon team is promoting to our clients.   Watch for customer success stories! 

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