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Open Source uPortal Solution Delivery Installation

Installation and Configuration Services for uPortal

Sound strategy and careful preparation are required to successfully deploy an open source enterprise portal. Without campus or organization-wide adoption, however, even the most technically sound implementation may not be considered a true success. Rely on Unicon to install and configure uPortal so staff can spend time driving adoption. Unicon excels at deploying open source software, which not only saves time, but gives the confidence that comes with a professional uPortal installation.

Unicon’s Services Team has made successful uPortal installations under a myriad of conditions for hundreds of institutions. First, Unicon collects and documents system details, such as the operating platform and authentication source, and creates a custom installation package. Once uPortal is deployed, the Services Team runs a series of test scripts to ensure the portal is working from a functional and technical perspective. The result is a fully operational enterprise portal that has been professionally configured to maximize performance and stability.