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Open Source uPortal Solution Delivery Implementation Planning

Implementation Planning for uPortal

The success of any project starts with identifying the goals and decisions that need to be made through each step of the project's lifecycle. This process can be highly influenced by the input and support of key stakeholders. This is especially the case for uPortal where content, applications, and services will likely come from multiple sources. Launching a new application has a level of risk, is time-intensive, and requires coordination and planning.

Unicon offers Implementation Planning Services to help institutions in the planning and consensus building process before deploying new software. Unicon has domain expertise in developing portal frameworks for a number of industries. Unicon has done many uPortal implementations and has directed numerous Implementation Planning Sessions with leading universities, colleges, and corporations. Unicon understands how a portal fits into IT strategies.

Unicon knows how important it is to engage the individuals within institutions and organizations who will be impacted by the project and who are critical to the project's success right from the start. Implementation planning revolves around an on-site facilitated session that encourages constituents to acknowledge various points of view and arrive at key decisions via a logical sequence of steps. Prior to the facilitative session, Unicon coordinates with the client by sending pertinent materials which prepare the participants to understand the session goals.

Through the on-site Implementation Planning Session, clients are guided by the institution’s uPortal team and key stakeholders through discussions to gain consensus on goals for the project, identify metrics to measure success, and understand what decisions need to be made. Unicon also guides participants through tactical considerations specific to uPortal, discusses best practices and common roadblocks, and shares the experiences of other institutions and organizations that have implemented uPortal. The Implementation Planning sets the foundation for the implementation and assists the client in creating a sound and realistic implementation project plan.

The session concludes with an agreed set of next-step activities required to launch the team into action. In order to ensure session success, the facilitator assembles reports designed to assist the client in detailed planning and execution. These reports are used as a guide to the successful deployment and provide a roadmap for extending the portal within the institution or organization.

Unicon is committed to clients’ success. Unicon understands the importance of determining project goals, as well as defining how and when to measure success for uPortal. This starts with the Implementation Planning Session.