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Open Source Sakai Solution Delivery Implementation Planning

Implementation Planning for Sakai

There are many technical requirements and decisions that must be considered when implementing Sakai. However, adopting Sakai is not just an IT project; it requires cross-campus/ organization participation.

Unicon has worked on Sakai implementations with numerous leading universities, colleges, and corporations, so Unicon understands the needs of clients and how Sakai can meet those needs. Unicon strongly believes in the power of planning and consensus building before deploying new software.

Through the onsite Implementation Planning Session, the Sakai team and key stakeholders are guided through discussions to gain consensus on goals for the project, identify metrics to measure success, and understand what decisions need to be made. Unicon will guide participants through tactical considerations specific to Sakai, discuss best practices and common roadblocks, and share the experiences of other institutions that have implemented Sakai.

After the session, a client’s Sakai implementation team will have the knowledge and insight to move forward on a successful implementation - understanding the steps to take and pitfalls to avoid. Where appropriate, Unicon’s Services Team will provide estimates for any custom work discovered during the session.