Unicon Collaborates with Argos Education on a Next Gen Open Source Digital Publishing Platform for Education

argosGilbert, AZ - October 19, 2021 - Unicon, Inc., a leading learner-centric technology consulting firm, today announced a joint venture with strategic partner Argos Education, a company developing the Sojourner solution: a highly customizable, educator-friendly digital learning platform that helps create, modify, analyze, and improve engaging learning experiences for students. The Sojourner solution addresses gaps where flexibility and customization are lacking in the teaching and learning process. As a founding partner, Unicon has aided in the development of Sojourner, an end-to-end system that will be deployed at scale this January, just 12 months after development began.

“We are contributing our teaching and learning experience, open source technology expertise, and understanding of the education industry,” said John C. Blakley, Unicon CEO. “We are proud to be partnering in the development of impactful education technology like Sojourner. It will change the way educators view content development, and elevate the role that design plays in the learning and teaching experience.”

“Curtiss and I have known the good people at Unicon for decades. We trust them. They are friends of education and of open source. They are also the most highly proficient EdTech software engineers that I’ve had the pleasure to work with. We’re delighted to have them as our close partners.” said Michael Feldstein, co-founder and Chief Innovation Office of Argos.

Sojourner courseware is editable, pedagogically motivated, and integrated into the class experience so that it can evolve and improve as instructors learn what works best. Argos believes the current structure of most courseware suffers from rigid courses that are unable to adapt to new developments in the classroom, as courseware options tend to be limited, and often inaccessible to newcomers seeking to publish original course content.

Argos is establishing a marketplace and opening up revenue models on which authors, instructors, institutions, and other organizations can independently publish courseware. This will enable instructors to reshape course materials in real time according to the unique needs of each course. Learners will benefit from customized and affordable learning resources that are better-tailored to their needs. Sojourner also intends to innovate on the content adoption experience by empowering instructors with fine-grained content customization tools, and options to share those customizations to the Sojourner community.

“Argos is the creator economy 2.0 for education, and the time is right for introducing this kind of disruptive model,” said Curtiss Barnes, co-founder and CEO of Argos. “The joint venture with Unicon gives us incredible acceleration. The Unicon teams are already EdTech experts, and they are hugely productive while being responsive to the day-to-day needs of a startup. Team Argos is delighted to work with this trusted partner that shares common interests in driving scaled improvement in the way edtech supports the needs of institutions, educators, and learners.”

About Argos Education
Argos Education’s purpose is to give control of the complete curricular experience back to educators. Sojourner, our easy-to-use courseware platform, empowers content creators to build high-quality digital learning experiences. Its intuitive AI-powered design process puts pedagogy first, which makes designing high-quality, effective courseware faster and easier. ​Academics and their institutions can create their own products to sell, adopt products that others have made, or both. ​Instructors who adopt courseware products that were made by others can easily customize them to meet their students’ needs. Learn more about Argos at argos.education. Follow Argos Education on LinkedIn and Twitter.