Unicon Announces New Learning Analytics Service: LA Quick Start

Service Provides Initial Implementation of a Learning Analytics Environment Based on Open Source Components

Gilbert, AZ – February 28, 2017 — Unicon, Inc., a leading IT consulting, services, and support provider specializing in open source for the education technology market, today announced the availability of LA Quick Start. This is a new learning analytics service offering based on open source technologies and standards-based data integration. Unicon's LA Quick Start service is a foundation that can be built upon for a full-scale analytics solution. It can be used to get conversations around learning analytics started across various groups on campus. In addition to the technology, Unicon bundles consulting hours with this service to help with analytics readiness assessment or roadmap development.

“We designed our LA Quick Start service in response to higher education’s needs,” said John C. Blakley, CEO, Unicon, Inc. “Through our discussions with institutions around learning analytics, we discovered many institutions are facing challenges in how to get started with an analytics implementation. Our LA Quick Start service will solve these challenges by providing institutions with an open analytics environment and consulting hours to help with an initial implementation.”

Unicon’s LA Quick Start service includes deployment of open source technologies, Apereo Learning Record Warehouse (Apereo LRW) and Apereo OpenDashboard. Apereo LRW is a secure, standards-based, standalone learning record warehouse that was built to fill the need for a storage mechanism for an open learning analytics environment. Unicon can deploy Apereo LRW on-premise or in an institution’s cloud environment. Using Apereo OpenDashboard, instructors and advisors can view visualizations of LMS data to gain insights into student course activity. Integrated into the LMS via IMS LTI, these visualizations help educators identify at-risk students and connect with them directly through the dashboard.

Webinar: Learning Analytics – Where to Start?
In this interactive webinar on March 8, 2017, at 2:00 p.m. ET, Unicon will present its strategy for helping institutions get started with learning analytics. Speakers will walk through the components included with Unicon’s new LA Quick Start service - from an open analytics infrastructure that integrates data from the LMS into a Learning Record Warehouse using the IMS Caliper standard, to the Student and Course "Pulse" Visualizations. Speakers will also highlight a collaborative readiness assessment process, which provides institutions with a forum to identify concerns and challenge, from both organizational and technical perspectives.