IMS Learning Impact 2021

When: October 4-7, 2021
Where: Virtual Conference

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Learning Impact is the annual event where leaders and innovators come together to discuss the major topics in digital learning and how to collaborate on accelerating progress for learners and faculty at all levels: K-12, higher education, and corporate learning. This year's theme is Connecting the Power of the EdTech Community.

Join us for the following sessions:

The Road Ahead for Learning Analytics in Higher Education

Learning Data and Analytics: What Works and How to Accelerate Progress from Here
When: Wednesday, 11:00 AM-11:45 AM (ET)
Session Type: Virtual 

Learning analytics is finally gaining broader momentum and implementation in higher education. Thought leaders at institutions and the supplier community are looking ahead to the next generation of data-informed capabilities and the problems in education that analytics can be applied to. From connecting pedagogical intent with outcomes to AI-based advising, learning analytics and data offer the promise of significantly enhancing understanding and helping students achieve success. 

Jump-Starting Learning Analytics with Data Ready Apps

Making the Most of Your IMS Skills
When: Wednesday, 4:00 PM-4:45 PM (ET)
Session Type: Virtual

Can a provider demonstrate an ability to take in data in a certain agreed upon format (e.g., Caliper) and show that they can use that data to answer an agreed-upon set of questions around a particular, narrow topic? If a provider can do that, any institution could then potentially “point their data” at the provider and have access to at least a baseline set of analytics. Join us as we discuss progress on this goal, the state of the Data Ready Apps program, and share your vision and thoughts on how together we can continue to make progress.


Linda Feng, Principal Software Architect, Unicon, Inc.
Cary Brown, Director, Strategic Planning, Unicon, Inc.

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