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CanvasCon 2020 logoWhen: Thursday, October 15, 2020
What: Hosted live at 10 a.m. local time in Sydney, London, and Salt Lake City.
Where: Virtual
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If you're into streaming teaching tasks, improving student success, or learning about the power of technology to impact education, then don't miss out on a full-day immersion in all of the above!

At Instructure's CanvasCon Online, EdTech and education professionals can participate in virtual discussions about education trends, technology, and see what the future of education has in store.

This year, Unicon is proud to be a CanvasCon Level 2 and Live Social Feed Sponsor.

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We are a consulting and digital services company with specializations in learning content development and LTI integrations.  We are also an Instructure Certified Partner and offer technical integrations with Canvas that have been formally reviewed by Instructure.

We invite you to stop by our virtual booth and to leverage our knowledge to create Canvas course content or deep connections between Canvas and learning tools for a rich and varied customer learning experience.

Meet with a Unicon representative at this conference