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Unicon Upgrades Learning Environment Test Drive to Sakai 10

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Test Environment Lets Users Explore Features and Functionality

Gilbert, AZ – April 21, 2015— Unicon, Inc., a leading IT professional services provider specializing in open source for the education market, today announced that it has upgraded its Test Drive Sakai environment to Sakai 10. Sakai’s complete core tool set now includes the Sign-Up tool and the Delegated Access tool. Sakai 10 features better support for audio and video using HTML 5, infrastructure improvements, about 50 security fixes, performance improvements, and a number of new features.

Test Drive Sakai is designed to educate users on Sakai's features and advantages through Unicon's test configuration of the latest version of Sakai. View online tutorials and participate in sample courses to get familiarized with Sakai. Test Drive Sakai is meant as an environment for users to discover the software’s features through mock courses and instructional videos. Test Drive Sakai uses a branded, native community source version of Sakai and provides users with a variety of course sites (including Biology 101, Business 315, and the Astronomy Club,) as well as their own personal worksite (labeled “course shell”). It is refreshed on a weekly basis, in which all data is wiped clean for a faster, more user-friendly experience.

Test Drive Sakai is available to users free of charge. It is an effective tool in helping new users and future users of Sakai get acquainted with the tool set and capabilities. For users well-versed in Sakai, it can provide an opportunity to explore the new features in the latest Sakai release.

As one of the original Sakai Commercial Affiliates, Unicon has a vested interest in ensuring Sakai's long-term success. Unicon provides a full range of services and commercial support for an organization’s instance of Sakai. To learn more, please visit www.unicon.net/opensource/sakai. To sign up for Test Drive Sakai, visit www.unicon.net/testdrivesakai.  

About Sakai
Built by higher education for higher education, Sakai is a community source online collaboration and learning environment that provides a framework and pluggable tool modules for managing, delivering, and assessing student learning. As an open source software suite developed by its adopter community, Sakai continually evolves in step with the needs of the students, faculty members, and organizations it serves. It is designed to bring students and instructors together for knowledge sharing, discussion, and shared learning. Users of Sakai deploy it to support teaching and learning, ad hoc group collaboration, and research collaboration. Visit sakaiproject.org to learn more about the tools and features that make up Sakai.

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