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IAM Online - Aligning Identity and Access Management with Your Information Security Program

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What: IAM Online Webinar Series
When: April 10, 2013
Website: http://www.incommon.org/iamonline/

Campus efforts related to identity management and information security are still evolving as institutions of higher education seek to keep up with advances in technology, changes in security threats and vulnerabilities, increases in compliance obligations, and modernization of institutional business processes. There is little disagreement that IAM and InfoSec should be aligned and closely coordinated. However, campuses have taken different approaches to how IT organizes the two functions. This webinar will discuss options for aligning and organizing IAM and InfoSec in the face of current challenges and opportunities.

About IAM Online

IAM Online is a monthly series delivering interactive education on Identity and Access Management (IAM). IAM Online includes three types of presentations/discussions:

  • Federated Identity Management Essentials
  • Advanced Issues in Identity Access and Management
  • Hot Topics and Current Issues in Identity and Access Management