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Still Running Drupal 6?

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Still running on Drupal 6?   With the release of Drupal 8 just around the corner its time to seriously consider upgrading to Drupal 7.   The Drupal community's policy is this:  we support the current release and the previous release. Today, Drupal 7 is the current release and Drupal 6 is the previous release. Both versions get community support for and bug fixes and critical security updates.  When Drupal 8 hits the street as an officially supported release the community support for Drupal 6 will cease.   Don't wait until the last minute, start planning today.  

Need help migrating?  Unicon's Drupal consulting team has service offerings focused on helping organizations migrate to Drupal from other CMS platforms as well as support for migrating between major versions of Drupal.  Thinking about Drupal 8?  Let our expert team (we're writing a book on Drupal 8!) help you define your Drupal 8 strategy and architecture.  

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