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Socket timeouts in your CAS log? Turn off single sign-out.

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Seeing extraneous Socket Timeout in your CAS log files? You may have overlooked the opportunity to turn off the single sign-out feature.

If you're seeing this in your CAS log files:


2012-04-05 16:36:03,947 WARN [org.jasig.cas.util.HttpClient] - Socket Timeout Detected while attempting to send message to [https://something.example.edu/login/default.jsp].


You might be happier, have cleaner logs, and have a CAS server that wastes less effort trying to send logout messages to services that are unprepared to handle those messages, by simply turning off the single sign-out feature. To turn off single sign-out, you can set a property on the CAS argument extractor and on the services registry.

Configuring, and turning off, the single sign-out feature is documented in the Confluence-wiki-implement CAS manual.

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