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Q3 2014 Open Source Support Briefing for uPortal

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On Thursday, November 13 2014 at 10:00AM PST (1:00PM EST) the Unicon Open Source Support team held the Open Source Support briefing for uPortal summarizing the third quarter of 2014.

The quarterly Open Source Support for uPortal Briefing is an opportunity to share with you Unicon's participation in and around the uPortal community, our perspective on progress and happenings in the community, and opportunities to engage further with Unicon. Discussions took place concerning maintenance development on uPortal, plans for further enhancement of the uPortal project, as well as requests for feedback on future priorities.

Highlights of the Call:

There were two uPortal releases this quarter (4.0.15 and 4.1.1) that contained some important security updates.  All institutions are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the latest appropriate release to incorporate the security fixes.

As often occurs, some of the OSS effort included testing, improving, and incorporating contributions from the community.  This quarter is no exception.  There were some great contributions from the community we are pleased to assist with getting into the mainstream code base for the entire community to benefit from.

Numerous bug fixes, enhancements, or improvements completed by uPortal Sustaining Engineering since our last call primarily focused on improving upon the new responsive-design uPortal 4.1.0 release and addressing low-priority issues that were not functional impedements.  For details on a particular issue, look up the issue number in the Apereo Issue Tracking system.

uPortal Improvements:

UP-3912: Buttons on many admin portlets show as links
UP-4098: Bootstrap styles to portlet admin screens
UP-4167: Exclude maven sonatype and apache snapshots from source repos
UP-4168: Search autosuggest pre-populate with portletList or other source
UP-4199: LdapSecurityContext logs error message when guest accesses uPortal
UP-4200: Default cachedPasswordUserInfoService decryptPassword to true
UP-4188: Add a 'Maintenance' lifecycle state for portlets

uPortal Bug Fixes:

UP-4192: CVE-2014-5059 Security Context chaining
UP-4198: Manage Portlet Preferences table doesn't handle long preference names
UP-4163/4210/4221: uPortal Maven build issues
UP-4166: uPortal build does not build uportal-platform-api
UP-4177: Set uid, user.login.id in PersonDir for new user
UP-4212: Spring webflow broken (admin UI)

Portlet Bug Fixes and Improvements:

NEWSPLT-102: Upgrade to jQuery 1.10.2
NEWSPLT-104: NewsFeed flyouts do not position to side
NEWSPLT-107: Failure to load a feed fails all news feeds on tabbed reader
NEWSPLT-109: Tabbed reader auto-scrolls to top of page
CAP-164: Calendar portlet UI Respondr overhaul
CAP-178: Upgrade to slf4j/logback to fix logging problem
ANNPLT-94: Announcements portlet UI Respondr facelift
NOTIFPLT-39: Add Datatables view (with student jobs example demo page and source)
NOTIFPLT-28: Update jQuery version to 1.10
WPT-69: Update jQuery to version 1.10.2
WPT-72: mUniversality allow user to edit locations
WPT-73: default to using portal's jQuery
CMSPLT-40: Upgrade to jQuery 1.10.x and fluid 1.5.0
CMSPLT-41: Remove fluid from CMS Config page

Miscellaneous Items:

PERSONDIR-78: Enhance GroovyPersonAttributeDao
PERSONDIR-80: Allow specifying null 1st result behavior on CascadingPersonAttributeDao

In-Progress Items:

UP-4179: Gradle build instead of Ant/Maven -investigate
UP-4060: Lightbox for config in regions
UP-4197: Mobile performance: render fewer portlets
UP-3912: Improve Respondr Admin pages

There were several notable Items not part of the OSS work during the quarter that were mentioned during the call to improve community awareness of the work and hopefully invite adoption of the work or additional community contributions to the effort:

NOTIFPLT-39: BYU Student jobs (click here to see screen images)
UP-3717: Session timeout dialog (click here to see screen image)
RESSERV-75 and related issues: jQuery and fluid updates to many portlets from CalPoly (some OSS time invested to test and improve changes for uPortal 4.0 sites).  Note: portlets are now optimized for uPortal 4.1 as it also uses the newer jQuery and fluid versions.
Marketplace UI improvements
BYU Cloud Storage portlet (click here to see screen images)

Open Source Subscribers can vote on priorities for future work in Zendesk(link is external).  Some suggested priorities (see Zendesk issue and Apereo issue for more details):

UP-4197: Mobile Respondr performance
UP-4179: Gradle build instead of Ant/Maven
CAP-126: Calendar grid view
UP-1840: Replace security.properties and related code with spring-security

Click here(link is external) for a recording of the briefing.

The next briefing will occur January 21, 2015 1:00PM EST.

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