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Q1-Q2 Open Source Support Briefing for uPortal

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On Thursday, July 31 2014 at 11:00AM PDT (2:00PM EDT) the Unicon Open Source Support team held the Open Source Support briefing for uPortal summarizing the first and second quarters.

The quarterly Open Source Support for uPortal Briefing is an opportunity to share with you Unicon's participation in and around the uPortal community, our perspective on progress and happenings in the community, and opportunities to engage further with Unicon. Discussions took place concerning maintenance development on uPortal, plans for further enhancement of the uPortal project, as well as requests for feedback on future priorities.

Highlights of the Call:

Congratulations to the many invididuals involved for the release of uPortal 4.1.0 on July 16th 2014 which includes Respondr, the new Responsive Design theme for uPortal!  This release is a huge step forward for the community at keeping content visually appealing, engaging, and staying up to date with a modern web UI experience.  Release details.

Numerous bug fixes, enhancements, or improvements completed by uPortal Sustaining Engineering since our last call primarily focused on moving uPortal forward toward the 4.1.0 release!

Respondr-related improvements:

UP-3937: Configure portlet directly from portlet chrome
UP-3919: Update Respondr to use Font Awesome v4
UP-3926: Clean-up/Optimize Respondr .less files
UP-3793: Add Personalization Gallery ‘CUSTOMIZE’
UP-3904: Implement 'regions'
UP-4035: Improve logout button style handling
UP-4121: No drag/drop portlets in columns (IE)
UP-4122: Customization drawer does not display (IE)
UP-4123: Unable to add, move, or rename tabs (IE)
UP-4094: Have Respondr be full-width of the browser

Other uPortal Completed Items:

UP-3917: Upgrade Universality to jQuery 1.10
UP-3883: StackOverflow on Tomcat 7.0.47 session logout
UP-4024: build fails due to xalan:serializer which is in offline 3rd-party repo
UP-4156: Upgrade uPortal to use fluid 1.5.0
UP-4000: Gallery drag and drop not working with fluid 1.5
UP-4037/UP-4056/UP-4108: Fix CAS ClearPass for clustered environments, include most in standard config
UP-4077: multiple portlets requiring Bootstrap JS
UP-4132: Unable to create portlets of type SqlPorlet, Image, or Inline Frame
UP-4131: Enhance SqlPortlet to allow caching, SpEL variable resolution in SQL query

Bundled Portlet Completed Items:

EMAILPLT-159: EWS fails for meeting-request messages
EMAILPLT-163: EWS no replied-to indication
CAP-156: Calendar in 1st column prevents adding portlets to other columns or drag n drop
CAP-159: EWS: end instant must be >= the start
CAP-160: Allow EWS to connect simultaneously to on-premise Exchange and Office365
NOTIFPLT-32: Alter custom attributes JSON format to be easier for javascript
NOTIFPLT-9: Add JavaScript minification to the build
NOTIFPLT-23: Clicking Refresh Does Not Update Notifications Not Already in the Cache
WIDGPT-42: USER_INFO map for SimpleJspPortlet jsps
RESSERV-74: Add custom namespaced bootstrap
WPP-83: v2:Config character encoding of proxied content

In-progress Items:

CAP-157:  Etagging and caching of Json requests for calendar events does not appear to work
UP-3315: Manage Users doesn't escape dynamic content

Other notable development (not OSS-related):

UP-3941: Multi-Tenant portals with a Tenant Manager portlet
UP-3896: Create favorites portlet
UP-3955: Portlet Marketplace

WIDGPT-44: Pluggable Data JSP for simple view-only integrations of a DB, web service, or other data source

Subscribers can vote on priorities for future work in Zendesk.  Some suggested priorities (see Zendesk issue and Apereo issue for more details):

UP-4179 Proposal -- Convert to a Gradle-based build
UP-1840 Replace security.properties and related code with spring-security
UP-4197 Improve Respondr mobile performance (web view)

Welcome to Tim Raymond as Documentation Coordinator!!  We're very sorry to see Laura McCord depart for other opportunities.  Laura has been a valuable contributor on the documentation and on the email lists helping other users out and will be missed!

Open Apereo 2014 in Miami Florida June 1st to 4th was well attended and had a lot of great sessions.  If you missed the event, or if you missed some sessions due to conflicts, you can view the content at http://lanyrd.com/2014/apereo/.

Click here for a recording of the briefing.

The next briefing will occur in October.

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