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Q1 2015 Open Source Support Briefing for uPortal

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On Wednesday April 15, 2015 at 10:00AM PDT (1:00PM EDT) the Unicon Open Source Support (OSS) team held the Open Source Support briefing for uPortal summarizing OSS activities for Q1 of 2015.

The quarterly Open Source Support for uPortal Briefing is an opportunity to share the contributions performed on behalf of the OSS program, highlight Unicon's perspective on contributions by and happenings in the community, and opportunities to engage further with Unicon. Discussions took place concerning maintenance development on uPortal, plans for further enhancement of the uPortal project, as well as solicit and discuss feedback on OSS and uPortal community future priorities.

Highlights of the Call:

uPortal release 4.2.0 will happen within the next few weeks prior to the Open Apereo 2015 Conference in Baltimore Maryland.

As always, some of the OSS effort included testing, improving, documenting, and incorporating contributions from the community.  This quarter is no exception.  There were some great contributions from the community we are pleased to assist with getting into the mainstream code base for the entire community to benefit from.

Numerous bug fixes, enhancements, and improvements completed by uPortal Sustaining Engineering since our last call primarily focused on improving upon Respondr, the new responsive-design theme, addressing various functional issues, advancing toward the uPortal 4.2.0 release, and occassionally supplementing work being done for a client to make it a general solution that is useful for the entire community.  For details on a particular issue, look up the issue number in the Apereo Issue Tracking system.

uPortal Improvements:

UP-4419: Respondr mobile web: favorites collapsible
UP-4317: Retire Universality
UP-4424: Sticky footer
UP-4433: Allow build as root webapp
UP-4429: Search, Marketplace, and Customize use BROWSE Permission to determine access
UP-4431: Search pre-populated with portlet list

uPortal Bug Fixes:

UP-4412: Header links not clickable on mobile Respondr
UP-4128: No tabs displayed viewing Favorite Collection
UP-4410: Directory portlet queries LDAP for all attributes
UP-4411: Directory portlet queries LDAP for > 25 results

Portlet Improvements:

COURSESPLT-23: Improve courses portlet UX
NOTIFPLT-57: REST API for JPA Notifications
RESSERV-85: SimpleCachingHeadersPageCachingFilter
ANNPLT-110: WYSIWYG div editing of announcements
CMSPLT-49: expose cleanContent to admin UI

Portlet Bug Fixes:

RESSERV-86: Log to file not catalina.out

In-Progress Items:

UP-4179: Gradle build instead of Ant/Maven -investigate
UP-4197: Mobile performance: render fewer portlets

There were several notable Items not part of the OSS work during the quarter that were mentioned during the call to improve community awareness of the work and hopefully invite adoption of the work or additional community contributions to the effort:

UP-4332: Transient portlets on dynamically created tab
UP-4407: New region mezzanine, full-width above content
UP-4047: Manage portlets: simplify UI
UP-4414: Configure user-agents to bypass CookieCheck
UP-4432: Default PAGS from XML to Entity PAGS
NOTIFPLT-53: Add source for Student Success Plan tasks
Java 8 runtime support on most bundled portlets

Some other notable discussion that occurred during the call:

  • Java 7's last public Critical Patch Update (CPU) is April 2015.  Work has occurred to allow uPortal 4.2.0 to execute using Java 8.  Tomcat 8 support is not available yet.
  • Discussed a few important changes related to the upcoming uPortal 4.2.0 release:
    • dropping support for Universality, leaving primary Theme of Respondr with optional use of mUniversality theme
    • mUniversality converted from SASS to LESS
    • default implementation of PAGS switched from XML to PAGS Entity Files (uPortal 4.2.0 will include a script to convert PAGSGroupStoreConfig.xml to PAGS Entity Files for sites upgrading from uPortal 4.1 or earlier)
    • regarding UP-4429: Search, Marketplace, and Customize use BROWSE Permission to determine access, previously the Customize gallery included portlets a user had access to (via the Groups setting which behind the scenes gave the designated groups SUBSCRIBE permission on the portlet) and the portlet had at least one category defined.  This latter constraint is removed as of uPortal 4.2.0.  This generally won't affect sites unless they choose to add the Search Launcher to the guest page so guests can access the search auto-complete feature or the search feaure.

Open Source Subscribers can vote on priorities for future work in Zendesk(link is external).  Some suggested priorities (see Zendesk issue and Apereo issue for more details):

UP-4075: Java 8 support (Java 7 last CPU April 2015)
UP-4391: Tomcat 8 support
UP-4197: Mobile Respondr performance
UP-4179: Gradle build instead of Ant/Maven
CAP-126: Calendar grid view
UP-1840: Replace security.properties and related code with spring-security

Click here(link is external) for a recording of the briefing.  Click here for the slides.


The next briefing will occur Wednesday July 22, 2015 1:00PM EDT.

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