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October 3rd 2013 Open Source Support for CAS, Shibboleth, and Grouper briefing

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The next Unicon Open Source Support for CAS, Shibboleth, and Grouper briefing will be on October 3rd, 2013 as an online webinar at 11:30 AM Eastern. You can register for the webinar on this other page on the website.

The Unicon Open Source Support product update briefings are public, all-are-welcome Webinars wherein Uniconers share summaries of Unicon participation in and their perspectives about the open source products Unicon supports. We combine the webinars related to CAS, Shibboleth, and Grouper into one combined webinar about supported open source IAM products because these products tend to complement one another and even to be implemented alongside one another.

Uniconers Mike Grady, Misagh Moayyed, and Andrew Petro will be speaking at this briefing.

At the appointed time, both the slideware and audio will be available live via Adobe Connect at http://unicon.adobeconnect.com/oss-briefing/ . There will be no teleconference bridge associated with this webinar; all audio will exclusively be available via computer through the Adobe Connect tool.

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