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New Groups and Permissions Implementation for uPortal

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A couple weeks ago (March 17 - 21), I spent a very satisfying and productive week working at Johns Hopkins University. Chris Doyle and I spent the bulk of it developing something I consider to be a real gem: an implementation of uPortal's Groups and Permissions (GaP) API that discovers groups maintained in an LDAP directory and makes them available for use in the portal. You can find a more complete description of this technology, its features, and configuration at this wiki page. Additionally, all the source files are available as an attachment. The big thing that sets this implementation apart from existing flavors of GaP is this notion of discovery: unlike PAGS, for example, you don't have to describe each of the groups you want to use in a local configuration file. This is an important difference for JHU, since they manage 700+ groups in their Active Directory system. The folks who periodically add, remove, and edit these groups, furthermore, are not normally the same people who administer the portal.

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