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New Groups and Permissions Implementation for uPortal

A couple weeks ago (March 17 - 21), I spent a very satisfying and productive week working at Johns Hopkins University. Chris Doyle and I spent the bulk of it developing something I consider to be a real gem: an implementation of uPortal's Groups and Permissions (GaP) API that discovers groups maintained in an LDAP directory and makes them available for use in the portal. You can find a more complete description of this technology, its features, and configuration at this wiki page.

Featured Blogger Drew

Drew joined Unicon as a Software Architect in 2001. He is a passionate open source advocate, and commits to several open source projects including uPortal and most Apereo sponsored and incubating portlets. Drew is an experienced technology consultant in higher education and has worked with leading institutions in the U.S. and abroad, including California Polytechnic State University, University of Manchester, University of Illinois, and Yale University.  Drew has made numerous technical fixes, feature enhancements, and improvements to Apereo uPortal since 2005, including the Import/Export Data Migration Tools and the SmartLdap Group Store. Drew is the current Lead Engineer for the Apereo Email Preview portlet. Drew is also a regular speaker at Apereo conferences, and has served as a member of the Conference Planning Committee for the past three years. 

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