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AWS ECS Auto Scaling

A common task I run into with clients is setting up the scaling policies for an ECS Cluster. Users typically understand the concept of auto-scaling in AWS, but when it comes to an ECS cluster there are two things to consider when scaling.

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Dave Mendez is a Senior Cloud Engineer and Senior System Administrator at Unicon. Dave has over 17 years experience working with information technology in both academic and enterprise environments. Prior to working at Unicon, Dave worked as the Director of IT in the Illinois Community College system. He served as a lead programmer and Assistant Director of IT at Quincy University. He currently provides consulting and implementation services in small, medium, and large scale cloud architectures, along with the system and application support required in these environments. Dave also leads a team of system administrators and cloud architects in Unicon's Hosting and Managed Services department, where applications and their environments are provided 24x7x365 support. Dave currently specializes in Amazon Web Services and holds all five available AWS Certifications, placing him in the elite few of AWS architects worldwide.